We are spoiled

in #technology2 months ago


As you can probably glean from my posts, I recently got back into retro computing because the world is a bit crap right now and I wanted to escape to simpler times.

One of the downsides of simpler times is things we take for granted just were not a thing.

Look at the screenshot above. This is the prettiest I can get my Amiga operating environment to look without a graphics card upgrade.

And it was state of the art at the time!

Just having these "better but not nice" icons took 25k additional ram. This was pointed out very carefully by the add-on developer to ensure we knew what we were getting into because 25k was a LOT at the time.

Obviously running under emulation or on my heavily boosted Amiga 500 it is a tradeoff I am willing to make, but Amigas back in the day tended to run software targeting the base machine so a lot of families never upgraded, which means that 25k is coming out of the base 512, or rather what is left of the 512kb after booting Amiga DOS and then Workbench.

Other things we take for granted now are things like being able to plug in a USB stick to add or move storage. It took a lot of messing around and some $$$ to put in removable storage on my Amiga, and then it is emulating other devices so not hot-swappable.

The good old days weren't all good!