Building the Ultimate 64: Commodore 64 motherboard replacement

in #technology2 months ago


Curious why I’d spend so much money on this when I already went to the effort of my BMC64 setup?

The Ultimate 64 is a direct replacement for a broken Commodore 64 motherboard, but with several upgrades to the much-loved C64 experience.

Though the emulation on the Raspberry Pi is way cheaper, what the Pi cannot replace is the hardware compatibility - the Ultimate 64 allows you to use actual 1541 floppy drives, tapes, and cartridges.

The Ultimate 64 also allows you to run at faster speeds, with more memory, emulating REU and accelerators.

While it is priced in a way that puts it out. of reach of many (€ 177,69 in my case), it really is the Ultimate 64.