The Problem with Crypto-Based Video

in #technologylast month

I have been looking around distributed and crypto-based video services. Things like DTube, 3speak and LBRY.

There are some excellent technologies and ideas out there for public video. Some still with some centralization and others using a kind of bittorrent style peer to peer model.

One thing I haven't found a solution for is private videos for company internal use and membership sites.

You see, a lot of time you want to control the audience of your content, either because of secrecy, privacy, or because it is premium members only stuff.

How do you do that when the blockchain is discoverable by anyone?

We don't want to be in a position where the content is still on a server somewhere because as we see every day, servers stop working. A URL embedded in the blockchain isn't much of an improvement over hosting on the public YouTube, and probably is less performant.

Plus, what about live streams? I know 3speak have that feature but I don't know how it works. Streams take a lot of bandwidth to be usable - is that even possible on a truly distributed app?

Does anyone have a solution?


Thats a really good point, there is no way to host anything privately on the blockchain atleast not videos. The services like vimeo and youtube offer paid subscriptions and make it possible to have the videos hosted privately