Going back to the future with retro hacking

in technology •  4 days ago 

Classic Gameboy

While there are more and more people getting into retro gaming, and for good reason, I have been getting into retro gaming and computers for a different reason.

Hardware and software hacking!

You see, back in the day I was fascinated with the possibilities, but I knew we could not afford for me to do anything with the hardware in case I damaged something.

Even the paperclip reset trick on the Commodore Vic 20 was way off limits because of the number of people who shorted their machine out.

Now I have the disposable income, and a little bit more electronics knowledge, so it is less of a risk.

Of course, I don't have unlimited funds. I am sticking to extremely commonplace machines like the Commodore 64 and Gameboy.

Are you into retro games and computers? Which computer did you start out with? Please share in the comments ...

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