"Random" thoughts: C64 Game Update 2

in #technology2 months ago


A little while back I started writing a C64 game. Here is the next installment of my development diary.

One of the biggest challenges turns out to be lacking the usual quality of life aspects of modern programming platforms.

You expect to have limited processing and RAM but I didn't really think past that. I have become very reliant on things like reverse array lookups, dictionaries, structs/classes, and such.

I ended up having a whole bunch of arrays and indexes for things like monsters, so I could store x,y, health, etc for each monster.

The subject of the post refers to the fact I want my fights to be more D&D and less arcade/fight game style. There's a random factor to replicate a D20 dice roll. I use a random float, multiply by 20, round and add 1. Crufty but it works :)

Monsters don't move yet, and there is only one monster type, but it is progress!


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 2 months ago 

That would be kinda cool if you could make a D&D-like game.

Have you ever considered making something like Fantasy Grounds (tabletop game app)?