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Saw another tribal war break out in social media. Today was the iPhone versus Android debate. Apparently everything announced today was already on Android. Yawn.

Over the years I have witnessed many "my computer is better than yours" arguments and I have never really taken part in them.

OK, maybe in a joking way, but never seriously :)

It might be because I usually had the "underdog" computer ...

We started on the Vic 20 in around 1983. The C64 was already a big deal at that point, and in the UK the Spectrum was already dominant. 5kb (3.5kb for basic) was only competitive against the ZX80/81 or the earliest PET.

That all said, in around 2006 I went from being 80% Windows and 20% Unix/Linux to adopting Macosx as my daily driver.

In the 90s my career went PDP-11, MUMPS, DOS, SCO Unix + Novell Netware, Windows 3.11, Windows NT ... then it was almost all Windows/Microsoft. Microsoft ASP, Visual Basic/C++, then .NET.

As part of the ASP Alliance I was awarded Microsoft MVP along with the rest of the team (which was cool but others were far more deserving).

I mainly stepped over to Macosx because I couldn't get Ubuntu to talk to my laptop wifi and I was under deadline to deliver software that worked bug-free on Unix pathnames :)

Now, today, I am personally pretty much 1/3 split between the major platforms, but my day-job IT is all Mac.

In the end, they are tools for a job. You can use a screwdriver as a hammer but sometimes there is a better tool for a particular job and that is ok :)


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