Content Creators Beware - YouTube Doesn't Care About You

in #technology4 months ago

The above video is just one of many showing that when it comes to YouTube, you are guilty until proven innocent.

It's unfortunate that the most dominant content sharing platforms on the planet are also the least accountable.

Remember the golden rule of content creation: If you don't pay for the platform then YOU are the product.

We have no rights. We are not even on rented land, we are more like serfs or at best squatters.

This is why platforms such as need to grow. YouTube needs competition if they are going to redress the balance of power and offer creators options.

 4 months ago 

I guess for most people, they don't mind as long as they are not the victims to censorship.

Sometimes, that sort of indifference is kinda scary.

Agreed. It's the old thing of "I didn't speak out when they came for ... because I am not a ..."