Why I bought the Samsung Galaxy A32 in 2022

in #technology11 months ago

If you were in the market for a new phone in 2022, Samsuing Galaxy A32 is probably not the first phone that comes to mind. This model was not meant to be a top tier phone, and it has been out for a while, so why did I buy it?

There are many reasons. Number 1, I'm buying it as a gift for my mother, who doesn't require the latest phone to play games or take photos or make videos. She is mainly using it for work (e.g. email, teams, phone calls, texting etc) and she has been using a Galaxy S10e with battery issues. Please note I'm not saying all Galaxy S10e have battery issues - this particular one however, the battery runs out very quickly.

The A32 on the other hand has a much higher battery capacity, so the battery lasts much much longer. Mum has reported back saying that she used to charge her S10e phone every day but now with the Galaxy A32 she only has to charge it once every 3 days (note: she is not a heavy phone user).

Another reason is because A32 suddenly dropped in price by over 50% across Australia. I will discuss the rest of the details in the video - but we basically bought it for a very, very cheap price.


A32 is a good phone for mama since she's not an heavy phone users that press every seconds.lol
I hope she will enjoy here new phone.

you're totally right



For A series, Samsung A32 can't be understimate. I using A22.

Oh wow that's cool! Do you like it?

I did!

Every time i get a new phone another new one comes out the next week after.

I agree with that lol

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Excellent information, I didn't take much advantage of the video because I don't speak English, only Spanish, but the data you provide is very interesting. The cost/benefit ratio depending on the type of user is worth it. 😉😁💪

thank you! How did you type English so well if you don't speak it? :)

I use deelp translator 😋