Magic Monk beats Eleven Table Tennis level 20 AI (Oculus Quest 2 VR)

in #technology2 months ago

As you guys know recently I started playing Oculus Quest 2 games, and since I already know how to play table tennis, I found from playing this VR table tennis game (Eleven Table Tennis) that it is almost identical to playing real table teenis. In this series of videos I will take on the Artificial Intelligence in this game from easiest to hardest. The scale of difficulty ranges from 0 to 100. Last video I showed you that I was able to beat difficulty 10. Now it's difficulty 20. Progressively we will get to level 100!
Feel free to let me know if you want to challenge me!
Since starting these videos I've realised that my strokes are very similar to playing tennis rather than table tennis. I am working to improve this! I will need to make some changes to beat a harder level AI for sure.

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It's so cool, I 'd like my son to learn mathematics from your video,where is the website links?

hey, thank you for reaching out, try this:

Thanks very much, sir!

Looks fun. I used to play table tennis almost every day after school when I was a kid, but only tried Oculus VR headset for easy games like fishing><. Seems level 100 will be really hard!

almost every day! you must be pro :)

nah, no pro training, just addicted to playing with my primary schoolmates those years =)

This looks fun to play going to try myself too.😃

yeah give it a go! so realistic