$7.50 USD Kogan SmarterHome 5W Smart Bulb (E14, Wi-Fi) Set Up with Google Home

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My first smart bulb! Had lots of fun setting it up but it wasn't very easy for a first timer :) Enjoy. Hopefully my second light bulb will be a lot quicker, if I need any more around the house :) So much fun turning lights on and off with your phone :) You can do it in 2 apps - the SmarterHome app as well as the Google Home app. The smarter home app will give you more features such as scheduling on and off times.

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Hope you have knowledge of Electrical? so you won't get shocked by electricity

This is nice. I also have Amazon Alexa and now thinking to buy a smart bulb and connect with the Alexa device. this would make my home slightly smart. I will try it out soon.

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