DJI Mavic Mini SE Test Footage 1080p 30fps morning

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So now that I have a working gimbal, here's some drone footage! It was about 7am - 8am in Ipswich / Brisbane.

Location 1: Colleges Crossing, Ipswich
Location 2: My house.

Music Source:
Declan Gallagher - Power.
Declan Gallagher - Rotate.

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Your drone footage is amazing. I'm thinking of getting a gimbal to make my videos much better. Gimbal is really a great tool that attaches to the phone/ GoPro and helps stabilize it while we are recording video.


thanks very much trang!

amazing quilty i loved it

thanks :)

Nice Video,I recently purchased a DJI Mini 2 as my first drone. I am completely blown away by their stability in flight and gimbal. I flew it for a few minutes today in 35 mph winds and that footage is completely stable.
My biggest issue is awareness of my surroundings through the monitor.. It always looks like im going to hit something and then i look at the drone and it is miles away from the object i was worrying about 😄

wow that's awesome. yeah I haen't bought a mini 2 yet. I might think about it but right now I'm not really flying it enough to buy a better drone haha

Very cool footage Eddie! Thanks for sharing! :)

thanks Dan :)


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