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If many of you are familiar with image reverse search tool such as google image or tinyEye; meet PimEyes, an image reverse for facial recognition. This tool will let you catch a catfish or find images of yourself, maybe your family that you want to erase on the net. Either because they are a victim of revenge porn, identity theft or more.


my own screenshot from the website PimEyes

This tool is easy to use and you don’t even have to create an account to use it. All you have to do is either take a selfie or upload a photo. But for security reasons,I don’t really recommend testing it with your own face.


If you create an account, you will find this information below where you get 7 free searches daily without a premium search. To get a premium result, there is some pricing on this website.


There is a feature called PROtect which lets you delete all your pictures and file DMCA takedown. So, if you know any victim of revenge porn or victim of identity theft, this is something that you can recommend to those people.


In the age of online dating, this also helps with catching a catfish. There’s a saying don’t trust blindly of the people you met from the internet and this tool will help you verify it.

My verdict

I found this tool after researching a bit on Maltego. Then, I was directed to a youtube video of someone talking about it. So, I can’t help myself to test it. From my testing, sometimes it is not accurate and you have to scroll into some bad/poor results. Since my account is free, I have some limitations such as clicking on the website where it has the image result. Another restriction is the filtering out system which is actually an important feature. So, I can’t say further since I only use the free version of it.

Compare and Contrast

When I compare it with google reverse image, this yields a more specific result as it is only recognizing faces. PimEyes can’t be used to detect non-human images. The results in PimEyes are also including social media and sometimes can be a sketchy website. When it comes to non-human images you can use google search, yandex, and also TinyEye. This works well with blatant image copy-paste.

In the next post, I will show you more about the tools that I have tried. But if you need a tool that can store your journalism work or something whilst trying to find the main leads, you can use Maltego which I have discussed in the earlier post. And If you want to remove your Discord texts, you can also refer to UNDISCORD.

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This is interesting. I have used the image search engine on Google and caught some catfish in my years of high school... Fake profiles were very common at that time. This tool seems interesting for that. Although with the advancement of technology, if you ask for a video call to verify identity and they do not do it, or in the profile they only have photos of themselves, you can already be quite suspicious... 😅

Yeah that's true as well! if they don't want to have a video call or just pictures of themselves that look too good, be very suspicious that they might have something to hide 😄