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RE: Would You Get An Optional Neuralink Implant?

in #technology2 years ago

This is not something I want. Nope nope nope.


Lol you telling me you don’t want to be RoboMom? Beep boop beep boop detecting room has not been cleaned 🧹

I would never hand over that kind of power (my brain, my body) to any entity. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who would watch the watchers? This to me is a huge recipe for disaster.

That’s a good question, I wonder what it would be like would it just amplify all the traits of human good and bad or can we cherry pick things! What if it takes on a hive mind or takes us to a level where we can be free of a lot of the things that holds us back?

It will certainly be marketed as the best thing since sliced bread :)

Lol no doubt about it, you feel bad take a pill, you feel really bad let’s drill this into your brain! Instant gratification is the best marketing tool you can get

Nailed it.