The Ultrawide Monitor Experience

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Gonna start by saying congratulations to all the good ol' Hive long-time holders, we all deserve this uppity for sure!

If you're looking to get an upgrade on this deals season, I gotta say, you can't really go wrong with making the ascension into the ultrawide master race, a month ago, I made it myself and I have to say I don't regret it one bit. I shopped around for a good while for a monitor since I had been using my laptop screen for over 2 years at this point.

Let me tell you when you get used to a laptop screen, you really start underestimating the value and advantage a proper monitor can deliver. I basically tripled my viewport by switching to an ultrawide monitor and I gotta say I don't regret it. Dimensions might be deceiving, I went from 17.3" to a 34" ultrawide, and it's at least x3 the size of my old laptop screen.

A couple of recommendations if you're looking to get a monitor on this deals season, don't get one with a VA or a TN panel, they have too many drawbacks to guarantee a proper experience, you have to go with an IPS, a monitor is a long term investment by itself, so expending a bit extra to get the best panel possible is gonna be a great return on your investment. You really might get away with a VA panel if you're gonna use it only for work but if you're gonna use it for games and media consumption as well, you're gonna want to get an IPS one.

Another recommendation would be to not get ultrawide with a 1080p resolution, you want to at least get a 1440p resolution monitor if it's going to be above 27", anything less than 1440p, and you will have a perceived loss of quality and sharpness on your images due to the lack of pixel density, make sure your computer has the hardware to run at 1440p, you will find that it's no small step up to go from 1080p to 1440p hardware-wise.

I myself got an LG Ultragear but it's not really hard to get which brands are selling the best panels out there since they always have had the lead, You really can't go wrong with Samsung or LG, they don't really make low quality panels, you can also give a shot to MSI or Gigabyte monitors as long as they are IPS and the panels themselves have good reviews (they usually source their panels from LG and/or Samsung as well)

I might also do a post on laptops since I'm pretty well informed on the market recently due to helping a couple of friends get theirs this season, the stage there is really competitive between Intel and AMD right now.


It has been some crazy times around here.

I don't know how people can stand putting up with a laptop monitor. If I don’t have at least two monitors I almost can't function lol.

Gratz on the ultrawide. With the way I prefer to have my screens and workflow spilt up. That is not a leap I'm willing to make.

Thank you! Yeah ultrawide is not really everyone's cup of tea but I've been loving it, I'm still considering getting a 2nd monitor to use it vertically instead and do vertical on the left, ultrawide on the center and laptop on the right. Would need to get a better desk and a monitor arm for that though.

the run is so much joy

Hey Mav! Didn't know you where active again, that's awesome :-) It's been a good while.

Oh you know me I am like a mushroom, I pop in and out depending on my mental state hahahhaa

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