Reality of admob earning | Don't put all your eggs in one basket

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So today i want to talk about admob income. We will talk about it is part time or full time?. So admob income is a source of revenue that is depended on your app. There should be many revenues in your app but this is the major source of revenue because of most of the app owner using it aand it is most successful way to earn through app.

In app purchase, affiliate or paid sponsorship are also source of revenue in your app. So Earning that you are getting from admob is full time? So the answer is yes and no both. I said yes because you can earn decent amount from your app. Many app owner earning more than 1 lakh so you can do it too.

I also said no because this is not fixed, it is not stable income source. Sometime you earn decent, sometime less. So nothing is fixed in this world and admob income comes in this category. Because there are lots of factors that we have to see such as, trend, competition, interest and more.


That is why it is not stable income source. So again it is not fixed and you have do adjust in future. So the solution is not be a romantic with one app. I mean to say don't depend on one app. Try different categoris and research about people interesets and share new things.

"don't put all your eggs in one basket"

Alway walk with trends, innovate it everytime. And after a lots of hard work you are not geting audience then it is time to move on and try another one.

Always work on you and increase knowledge and skill. Always keep learning because trend will change everytime you have to adjust with new type of audience also.


If you talk about me then i first tried paid to click and captcha work in 2010 then later i launched my own paid to click and revenue share platform then i tried forex trading. After that i was doing event blogging and long term blogging also with google adsense and affiliate marketing.

Still i am involved in it as well as i am active in many crypto things. So guys always try to learn different things. I hope you liked this post must do a reblog and share.

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