Air car prototype 1 - Flying car

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The owner who flying this car say that this is the great solution for future transportation. Few days ago the owner flied this car for 85km and it taken 35 minute to fly 85 km. Stefan klein was blowing up the car and he is the creator of this car.

This is not first time that stefan have flown this car. He flown this car many times in a past but this time it is something different because this time he flown this car for 85 km which is new record and you can say we are one step near to this technology.

There is no doubt that this is very helpful technology to avoid traffic but beside that, we have to see it's effect on environment. For example , It would be difficult to fly for birds if there is lots of flying cars. As well as there are lots of things to check before implement this new technology for the people.


It has 160 hp engine which is made by BMW. BMW is very famous brand. As well as it has ballistic parachute for emergency lending. It flies up to 8200 feet. It has maxmium speed 190 km per hour Which is good.

One of news agencies has taken the interview of random people and asked their opinions. They said, Accidents and road repairs cause traffic jams. And in this situation person can be taken by air route. This is gonna be a superb for ambulance work. Not traffic, no trouble and patient directly land in hospital.

It can fly and run too. You just have to push one button to convert it to the road car. But this is just prototype because the creator wants 300 hp engine and after that the speed will 300 km per hour and it can travel 1000 km at a time.


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This is really great but what happens to the wings when you drive it on the road?

Wings will be set in.