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RE: Deep learning in music?

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Remember, we're trying to discern the difference in expression. Any kind of music, whether it is written by a human or by AI sounds vastly different when it is played through biological fingers. You can't escape the rigid modality of studio produced timings and sounds. This is but one of the reasons people are perhaps unaware of their attachment to live performances over studio "recordings" - in the sense that the performance embodies the entire essence of the musician (including their flaws) but makes them unique in a way that midi and studio processing would wipe clean.


I do understand what you are saying. When back in the days CDs came to market, I wanted always to buy the AAD versions, not the DDD. The latter sounded way too clean. But peeps adjust over time. Also, AI generates music. We'll be seeing humanification of AI-generated music. Ie, we will start post-processing AI-generated music, so it sounds like humans played it. Do I like to say that happening? Not at all. Have too many friends being musicians and music producers. But does that prevent technology to be able to create music the mass is very ok with? I am pretty sure the music-phile will eventually not be able to differentiate music created and played by humans, from music created and played by AI. I wish for this will take still many many decades, but am afraid this is much more around the corner than we can imagine. Still need to read the article, bookmarked it since am very interested in music and what directions it'll can and will take in terms of technology and complex AI algo's.