LBRY Rocks, Seriously

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LBRY and Vimeo might currently be my two favorite alternatives to YouTube.

Try out LBRY! Referral link.

BitChute is coming along, and DTube has some solid growth, but I am really enjoying what LBRY is working on. After about a month of experimenting there, I feel it's a very solid platform.


Earn LBC (LBRY Credits) for your content and through rewards. LBC currently values around
$0.018 or around 180 sats each, and it trades on something like 13 exchanges.

Along with this, a blockchain based platform like LBRY helps open content sharing and fight censorship.


Lion Suit Dreamscape - Official Trailer #1


Tommy Havell - Airport Song/Not Hard To Make Me Crazy

Cheers to video, film, story, vlogs, news, music, comedy, live performance, expression, and quality online platforms!

Be well.
(spartus image from pixabay. words and other images are original. youtube image is original composite art using pixabay images.)
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LBRY is pretty great. I’m on there actually. I keep pestering @steempeak and @dtube to integrate it into their platforms.

On you'll be able to embed LBRY iframe in the next release ;)

Sweeeeeeet! Thank you for listening. I can't wait to use LBRY on the Steem Network. I hope @dtube makes it happen as well! ;)

Give it a try on if you want a preview ;)

OH MY GOD! IT WORKS! I love it and can't wait to use it.

Oh that's great. Thanks for the heads up.

Nice. Yeah, I think I follow you on there. So far, I dig it.

I need to restart my vlogs on The Tear and keep that feed going. So little time!