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RE: The Internet free times

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it's great to have grown to see times and tech change. I remember not having a phone at home, let alone something mobile. Learning to type on manual typewriters and working with early mainframes. I remember the first clunky, expensive PCs and the earliest days of the world wide web. How things have changed!


We had a phone much later in our home, and I used to share one of my neighbour's number to everyone. My neighbor was kind enough to allow me to do that. But it was awkward going to someone else's home and making conversations. I look back at those days and wonder, how did we survive then....hehehe. Computer came in my life much later. At my first job I had access to it, but that was limited only to the office softwares so there was nothing like Internet surfing and all. Some time in early 2000s I got my home PC and that's how it all started. Feels so funny now :-)

What I found amazing was the uptake in mobile phones. They were nowhere, then everywhere,seemingly overnight.