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24 June 2022

Good day readers,

How are you all doing today? Well I have been reading quite a large amount of conspiracy theories these days and honestly I am thinking at this point everything in the world and the media is a big chunk of lie. But the latest in my library of research is A.I technology.


image name :- Sophia

image source

I remember seeing a video of of “Sophia” a humanoid robot developed by Hanson robotics. In this particular video Sophia said some pretty intense things that honestly scared me sh***ss but the truth is technology is advancing and most of the research and advancement is to help humanity. I just hope we are moving in the right direction.

With the evolution of technology in the work place environment, it is no-news that very soon most of the work being done by humans would be replaced with A.I technology( I am not sure if that is a good thing considering many factors). But whether or not I am in support this is the future we are headed into.

Technological advancement and Mechanization softwares are the talks of the day as many companies world-wild are beginning to adapt the use of intelligent androids and machines, robots you name them.

Anyways, doing my regular research while trying to find a freelancing job of any kind that requires no skill but just being human. I have being opportune to come across some pretty interesting sites but for the purpose of this article I am only picking 3 of them.

First on the list …


This is one is really cool.

With synthesia.oi you can create or generate free A.I videos of any kind. Be it a social, political, for entertainment, whatever you like.


image source

Imagine what this can do for you. You would be able to make videos for project presentation for those who are very shy to stand in front of people. You can make customized videos for events, updates or whatever you want by just typing the script into that box or just editing the words already there. Give it a goal and let me know what you think.



Imagine being able to generate images online as never seen before. Take for example you are trying to find an image for “a lion wearing a pink dress doing make up with a jelly fish”. We all know there aren’t images like these on google.

With Craiyon.com the possibilities are endless honestly. For example here is an image of my search history on the site.


image source

These images are automatically generated by A.I technology in less than 3 minutes. This can help everyday people to search of images when describing something to friends or even bloggers like you and I when looking for lead images. Of course the images are free so no need to fear.

and for the last one…


This is a website where one can text something and then an A.I converts it to speech. It is more similar to the first one excerpt for the fact that it has more voice-choice option. Let’s say you are trying to prank call a person in Kanye west’s voice uberduck.ai is your best option right now.


image source

As stated in the image above,one of the advantages of joining websites like these is the community you would eventually get into. Let’s say you are interested in A.I technology and looking for a place to start, well congratulations you found one plus it is pretty cool to be able to sound like other people. Personally, I would use Messi’s voice to say that Ronaldo is the best in the world even better than him. Just for fun.


Disclaimer:- I am not in anyway promoting these website. I stumbled on them while doing some research and i thought I should share them.. who knows someone might actually be in need of the service they offer. And also this doesn’t mean I stand with A.I over humans or anything like that. I am just a guy sharing information. Simple.


This article first appeared on my read.cash and you can verify it via this link.. It was written and published by the same author(me)


Thanks for your time.✍️


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