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RE: The day the phone died

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That really sucks. It seems like anytime anyone has an issue with their phone, it's an iPhone. Maybe it's just because my wife has an iPhone and she is constantly having issues with the battery draining prematurely or having to buy a new charger because they keep crapping out on her. The phone's only a year and a half old and the battery doesn't last 6 hours and she has replaced the charger 3 times now because they just stop working. Meanwhile I'm using a 5 year old charger from my previous phone with exposed wires and it's working great. My previous phone (5 years old now) still holds a charge for at least 14 hours of heavy use as well so why hers doesn't seem to last more that 4 hours is beyond me.

Can you tell that I don't like iPhones? Hahaha 😆. I guess I just get tired of the same complaints at home, over and over again. She keeps buying iPhone and keeps having the same issues each time.

Is this the first issue you had with the phone, has it been good other than this one experience?


Oh man, sounds like she’s a had a terrible run of bad phones!!
I’ve always used iPhone, bar some HTC handsets at the start of the smart-era, and I’ve never had problems like this before to be honest.
Sure the battery life can be terrible with some handsets. I always buy refurbished too, but this last one was from a very good trusted friend who kept it in mint condition. I’ve been using it well over a year with no issues… but just suddenly went off. A software issue it seems.
I’ve got it working again to regular condition, so I can at least sell it. Probably get £200 for it.
But still, the headache of losing data sucks hard.

What handset do you use?
Sounds like a proper workhorse!

That's good that the phone has been mostly trouble free for you. I just get tired of of hearing the same complaints over and over again from my wife lol. A month ago she was like

Wife: "can you bring your phone to dinner, I'm afraid mine will die on us and we might need to use Google Maps to get back to the hotel."
Me: "what's your battery at?"
Wife: "62%"
Me: "62%!??! Mines currently at 40% because we listened to 5 hours of podcasts driving here, I've been taking photos all day and I used "maps" to find the downtown from the hotel. If I don't plug my phone in tonight I'll still be 15% by noon tomorrow. You're telling me your phone is going to die in 2 hours because you used maps for 25 minutes? That makes no sense!"

That's an actual conversation we had and I wasn't kidding about the birds nest of fallen charging cables. It drives me crazy.

I'm using a Samsung galaxy. I'm not advocating Samsung or trying to make it sound like I'm a hero because of my phone or anything haha just saying that if she needs to carry around an external battery pack to get through 6 hours of use, then there's a problem with the phone. Lol

Haha oh man, I’ve had the same convo with my wife… except in my instance I was the wife!
Always lugging an external battery charger around!😬

I’ve been curious about Samsung for a while. But I do like the iPhone eco system and interface (when it works)

My new phone arrived just this morning, can’t wait to get it going!

But I do like the iPhone eco system and interface

That's what she says as well.

That's awesome that the new phone arrived. It's always exciting when you get a new phone. So shiny! Lol