Real Time FLIR Lepton Imagery with Raspberry Pi3+

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Accidently an art earlier with one of my FLIR Lepton 3.5 chips (~$100 each) I recently picked up on Ebay for a decent price. A completely bastardized home brew version of popular thermal imagery cameras with a breakout board built by GetLabs from ($40) and soldered to a raspberry Pi 3B.. As you can see from the picture below my nice wizard art.


Below you can see the abomination of a camera setup I've built.. Sitting on kevlar gloves and my bench top power supply.. Skirted to the left by a lazer module and some bone conducting transducers.. Excuse the mess, my office lab is always jsut a step behind a full on disaster.


Here we see the 3 default colour pallets the Lepton seems to support, color options can be customized though ased on how you compile the palletes part of the program used to scrape pics.


White hot mode seen below was accomplished by simply reversing the minimum / maximum colour allotment.. Pretty damn cool if you ask me,


Being only a 160px x 120px Lepton 3.5 chip... THe resolution ain't spectacular.. But it works!


Even to do weird shit like see the heat carried inside your veins with your blood. Frickin cool eh?


Did I mention "Predator" mode colours? Feeling my inner Yautja with this.. Bottom lightsaber is a solder iron believe it or not. Kinda damn neat if you ask me. Infrared from 8um - 15um wavelength.



Do you have a practical use case in mind?

Making IR / low lux digital NVG.

That's very interesting and that gives you power over your cat? :)

Ukraine war seemed to point towards you either have thermals or someone with them kills you... So I got some.

woot, jeez

Ok that's some interesting technology :)
Good find

Cheap too! I can remember when you couldn't even sniff a consumer Long Wave Infrared system for less than thousands of dollars.. I think I paid less than $300 for the stuff to basically make 2 of them.. Looking at their more advanced chips now.. This tech is certainly a great addition to any nerds toy box.

Extremely nifty. I love decentralization in the hands of brilliant people.


It's affordable as well.. Hell for less that $500 I have enough to make 2 working FLIR units. Easily.

Hmmmm... Let me know if you end up with a spare. I could cobble up a headset and enclosure to keep the innards dry and safe from bashing. I can only wear things on my head safe from bashing, as my head is bash bait.


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