Koncrete Podcast: Harvard Scientist Exposes CIA Mind Control Weapons Still Being Used Today | Len Ber & Robert Duncan

in #technology5 months ago

Glad to see more information being brought into the public eye about this sort of stuff. We live in an age where there are folks with tech stacks running around causing simulated mental illness in folks in order to make their lives living hell. With thousands of folks around the planet reporting on these things and exhibiting similar systems it's damn difficult to ignore.

Ben Ler, Targeted Individual and Whisle Blower

While mental illnesses have existed since the beginning of time, it seems that we've since around the 50's have been experimenting on people (think MKULTRA) in order to electronically induce the symptoms of these illnesses in people. There is a cabal of government and military employed individuals that have certainly gotten their hands on these technologies and begun using it on people not only within their own countries but also in other non-US countries as well.

I applaud the folks who are speaking out against this matter in a public light. The governments of our countries are actively using directed energy weapons, psychotronic weapons, psychological warfare operations and lord knows what against their own people and the people of planet earth.


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