Harvard CS50 – Full Computer Science University Course

in #technology4 months ago

Ever wanted to become a coder / software engineer? Got a whole day to watch a video on how to begin thinking like a programmer and begin to understand how computers work and how you can take ideas and abstractions and turn them into real programs? Here you go, a great introduction.


There really isn't a point of going to school for coding in my opinion when there is literally TONS of resources online for those willing to seek out information and self teach. Computer sciences lead to one of the only fields where a degree is pretty much optional.. Big names like Google and Microsoft will gladly hire self taught coders with no degrees provided they show aptitude and proficiency in their craft.. Coding is not as hard as you've lead yourself to believe, if I can do it.. Anyone can!


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Yep. Gotta spread the learning material to those interested.


I've been watching this for a while and it's super good. A lot of refresher for me, but I wish I'd have known about it when I first started - dude does a great job of relating things in a way that is retainable.

Yeah man. The universities putting these courses up is awfully nice of them.

Saves a lot of money for those inclined to self teach about fields they are interested in.