DARPA is Looking to Map The Human Mind (Press Release)

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It's been well known in certain circles that DARPA and certain other 3 letter agencies have been making efforts since the 50's to map out and subsequetly control how the brain and human mind works, it seems now these efforts have been publicly stated straight out the horses mouth.

"Development of individualized brain network models of CF and ER and design of hybrid interventions to induce neuroplastic change in the functional connectivity and/or structure of CF and ER brain networks to optimize an individual’s CF and ER."

For the layman not up on tech speak, that above sentence basically lays out remote neural monitoring and brain / mind mapping, and modification of said neural networks (Mind Control).

"DARPA’s STRENGTHEN program, short for Strengthening Resilient Emotions and Nimble Cognition Through Engineering Neuroplasticity, aims to build on recent advances in neuroscience and clinical practice to increase well-being and prevent or mitigate the effects of traumatic stress leading to behavioral health disorders and suicidality. "

The very fact that they are now making press releases of using this type of technology is spooky as hell. You know damn well if they are working on a method to "Seeks Novel Approaches to Improve Mental Health" that these exact same tech stacks could be used covertly to do the exact opposite.

The government isn't only seeking to control your entire life at this point, but also map out and control your entire mind. Surely this has nothing to do with the vaccines being rolled out in which DARPA had a hand in manufacturing. Has to be a silly coincidence right? Right? (it sure isn't)

Like the Human Genome Project of the 90's.. It seems the newest global effort in the sciences is the Human Connectdome Project.. Seeking to map out the human brain and mind.. Lord save us all.

Linked below is the brief press release from the official DARPA website:
DARPA Seeks Novel Approaches to Improve Mental Health, Prevent Suicide

When these sociopathic bastards of the US military industrial complex decide to start publicly stating they are seeking to develop this technology "to help people" you know damn well the sick fucks have already weaponized this technology and are using it covertly. We stand on the precipice of 1984 esque thought crimes not only becoming feasible but also being detectable by anyone with the technology stacks to do so. What was once thought to be a wild schizophrenia induced conspiracy theory now seems to actually have basis in reality..

I don't know about you, but the whole thought of this type of thing makes me wonder what else along these lines of neural monitoring is going on behind the doors of black projects.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.. And this sort of technology finally being announced publicly certainly has massive ramifications for everyone on the planet when rolled out to the entire civilian population. DARPA doesn't care about mental health, only mental control..

This STRENGTHEN program will almost certainly or is certainly going to be used for evil..
You only have to look at Ted Kazyscki to see how badly mind control (MKULTRA) can end up.
It may be time to get out the tinfoil hats folks, DARPA is after our minds and brain.


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