Damn DARPA, You Scary: HC29-K1: The Direct Human/Machine Interface and Hints of a General Artificial Intelligence...

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We live in days far more troubling than Orwell's 1984 with the technologies being developed both in academia and in black projects conducted by the various government goons of the world. Since before the days of the American CIA's fabled MKULTRA experiments, folks have been claiming to have had people reading their minds and been wearing tin-foil hats.. Turns out those tinfoil hats might actually have been marginally successful! (legit though, don't wear tinfoil hats unless it's grounded, just bounces EMF energy and makes hotspots in the brain).

It used to be even the mention of people being able to read your thoughts had folks looking at you like you need to be in a mental hospital.. And while now a days the stigma of that sort of thing still very much exists, the good / bad news is happens to fall on them actually having have developed the technology to make all of our "schizophrenic" fears a god damn reality.

These fucks are now using viral DNA modification to insert genes that cause neurons to fluoresce using bioluminescent jellyfish genetics of all fucking things.. In the video their showing this tech working in mouse brains... But you know damn well if their comfortable enough to release the use of it in mouse brains the bastards are using it in human trials somewhere.


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Oh boy, I can't wait for human/jellyfish hybrids walking around and sucking brains out of hapless normies with their tentacular blood funnels. I bet shotguns properly disassociate jellyfish hybrid cells just fine.

Investment advice, FYI. 12 ga. #4 buckshot.


Edit: regarding AGI (artificial general intelligence), the research in the video is so distant from understanding of cognition it's not remotely applicable. People have ~as many neurons in the gut as we do in the brain. To add to that obvious evidence AI researchers are erroneously focusing on the brain as the seat of consciousness, our gut fauna has been shown to participate in our cognition. This means that not only does our consciousness not arise in the brain, it's not even something that arises solely in our own cells, but is some kind of collective field.

This video shows that we are able to glimpse some brain functions in some aspect while they are happening, but there is no evidence that we have any clue as to what those functions are doing/contributing to our consciousness. The fact that neurons light up consistently correlated to environmental metrics does not mean they are any specific functional aspect of consciousness. I wake up every morning with a hard on. Does that mean I lust for pillows? No. No, it does not.

The organs we see, hear, and smell/taste with are located on our heads, so it makes sense the neuronal processing of that information is also in our heads. But the vast majority of cognitive function are not necessarily in our heads, and likely not even conceived of atm. Touch is sourced from our skin, mostly, so processing that data may not happen in the head at all. We don't really know, despite some research that correlates such data to parts of the brain, because no attempt has been made to see if the spinal cord, or gut neurons, also light up from such stimulation, and this doesn't even begin to approach somehow testing whether our gut fauna does, or our living room chairs.

It can't even be shown that rocks and air don't somehow contribute to whatever consciousness is. How would we devise an experiment to falsify such a hypothesis? We have almost no idea what consciousness is, where it comes from, or why, and that makes it farcical to claim we are on the verge of replicating it with machinery. At the end of the video the researcher mentions our tools. Our tools are electrically based. Is consciousness electricity?

We don't know that. If all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like nails.

AI researchers' hubris and conceit is the source of their pronouncements of imminent AGI and Skynet extinguishing natural humans and replacing them with vastly superior cyborgs. It's tripe and bunkum. AGI would need to not just tie shoes and calculate equations simultaneously to mirror mere human performance, but effect all the myriad and yet unknown biological management processes people do without even giving them thought, like the liver coping with last nights drunk, itchy bums, and wiping sweaty underboobs.

Such capacity isn't even contemplated by the state of the art, particularly in view of the fact that the brain IS NOT the seat of consciousness/cognition - and that we don't even have a word for whatever that actually is that reflects it's actual nature, since we are clearly cognitively operant while sleeping, as dreams prove. By definition, we are unconscious while sleeping, which shows the conception of consciousness is based merely on what we observe of subjects and has nothing to do with whatever mental/cognitive processes are actually occurring.

The scary thing is the hubris and conceit of AI researchers is behind the WEF/overlord push to introduce human/machine hybrid tech, which is certain to be significantly hazardous and likely of dubious benefit.


Nice reply! A lot of what you say certainly resonates.

As a scholar of systems engineering, this is certainly a hell of a first step towards doing some spooky ass shit.. If this is the type of stuff their speaking of publicly lord knows what they have floating around in dark projects.

The fact they are using viruses to deliver the payload genetics in order to bio-mod folks freaks me the fuck out.. Especially if said viruses happen to mutate a bit. Sur as shit makes me wonder about COVID and their "vaccines" they are pushing.

I think with a sufficiently powerful machine learning algo and some external stimuli the brain might be able to be roughly mapped. Given their moved away from bullshit tech like Musk's Neuralink and are skipping the surgical middleman and going straight into modifying the neurons themselves spooks me too. This type of tech is almost certainly going to make spook shit like remote neural monitoring / synthetic telepathy way fucking easier.

With a sufficient load of these neuron modifying viruses it's not to far out of the realm of reality that they might be able to monitor the whole damn nervous system.. A nice trail mix of genetically modifying viruses and a bit of microwave heat to open up the blood brain barrier to let the shit in could certainly get these things deep into a nervous system.

Was reading somewhere that our consciousness likely take advantage of some quantum phenomenon which would make sense. For all we know we could just have aware electric fat sponges in our head with a quantum quirk keeping it all going, as you alluded to.

I do appreciate your cynical view on all of it though for sure. I can't help but feel like we're on the brink of some awful shit getting into the population and some folks abusing it for their own personal gains. Been screeching about shit like synthetic telepathy and V2K for a few years now.. And the more research I stumble upon in my down time the more I start forming a model that the conspiracy woo woo shit folks have been talking about long before I started going off on it might actually already be in the wild or on our doorsteps.

The sleeping one is a weird one, remember reading a paper that they were actually able to decode the optical part of the brain and get pictures / data to actually show what people were seeing in their dreams.. Absolutely freaky!

The AI / GAI shit scares the shit out of me.. Some of these machine learning algos are way the fuck more advanced at some things than humans are. While I think Musk is a con-man, his sentiment about AI being more dangerous than nukes has stuck with me, and he might be right.. Almost all this future tech / RNM stuff is going to heavily rely on individually trained machine learning systems studying their target beings.. If we're there I would be not terribly surprised.. If we aren't, it's only a matter of time.

Cheers man!


Yep.. Been talking about this shit for a while.. It's only now becoming leaked by DARPA.

Shit is crazy.