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RE: IT. AI. Corptocracy. Policies & Policedures

in #technology2 years ago

I'm in the 1% not worshipping the mobile gods, I don't take a phone with me anywhere and I only look at if it rings or if I get a message. I don't even like having it in the house because it spies on everything you do.

It's like a form of projected consciousness for most people, their minds are not where they are & they don't live in the moment. They live in cyberspace in an artificial world.

The idiots putting their whole life on the phone is hard for me to get my head around, people have banking details, licenses photos and their entire social media profile on them. So when the corporate police pull them over and ask for the phone to check their license they are giving them all the details they wouldn't tell their closest friends.

Absolute madness in the name of convenience.