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Traveling? You should download this app! This app hasn't failed me when I had to compare the actual currency exchange rates. In a bind, it allowed me to compare and use our United States Dollar to help pay for services such as taxi. When shopping, it helped me estimate what my credit card would be charged at the end. My only advice is to plan ahead which currencies you'll be using so that it'll be helpful online and offline. Thank you XE Currency Converter!Best app so far. I will update the app just before i board the plane for my holiday in case i do not get any internet connection or do not wish to do so. It's useful while you are overseas on a shopping trip, ill know the price in the currency of my home country and decides whether a purchase is worthwhile.is a nice app but suggestions for little improvement. (1) this is a bugbear. when we're entering the figures for a currency, you need to show the commas to separate the thousands and millions, etc... else it can get really confusing and hard to read with big numbers. (2) not a huge issue but will be really nice if we can have more than 10 currencies.Nice app to compare mid market rates for each currency you need to look up. Charts are good. You can set it to 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, etc. Very useful to see historical data. You can also compare the rate you pay when exchanging foreign currency to the mid market rate to see how much difference; whether you've got a good deal or bad.It's great app, but for transfer only few countries are available, there's no big countries like CHINA & INDIA and some other big Asian countries, also some African countries, and I have seen mostly Asian uses this app, and it can more beneficial for this app, if they add this countries for transfer,


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