Google Search to Stop Supporting Flash Content Soon

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Google Search to Stop Supporting Flash Content Soon


Google has reported it will quit supporting Flash substance in its Search as the Internet gets ready to say goodbye to a to the interactive media programming stage one year from now.

In the event that the website pages have Flash substance, Google will overlook that and Search will likewise quit ordering independent SWF documents.

Google designing supervisor Dong-Hwi Lee featured, in a blog entry on Monday, how omnipresent Flash used to be - the Flash runtime was introduced 500 million times in the second 50% of 2013.


"Glimmer was the response to the exhausting static web, with rich activitys, media, and activities. It was a productive innovation that enlivened numerous new substance makers on the web. It was all over the place," Lee included.

Prior in 2017, Adobe reported it would quit supporting the once-productive innovation and Google said it would expel Flash totally from the Chrome internet browser before the finish of 2020.


On the Chrome variant 76, Flash is now handicapped as a matter of course.

In the interim, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla have likewise reported their arrangements for resigning Flash in their separate programs.

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