Some Uses of Virtual Reality - Part two

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This is the second publication in this series that I have wanted to make in relation to the exciting world of virtual reality and its use in different areas. The first publication deals with the application of this technology in the health area, in this second post I want to highlight its usefulness in the field of military training and aeronautics, areas in which there have been large investments in recent years, continue reading and find out about the news.



If there is something that is very true, it is that the use of screens and lenses for all types of training has been happening for decades, in recent years as a result of all the scientific progress that has been made and the many wars that have been generated( Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, to name a few), their use has deepened and exposed.

First with the intention of preparing soldiers on a battlefield (simulated) that is not known and also for the purpose of training combat and commercial flight pilots.

Of the uses in this area I can name the following:


Of course, I must emphasize that physical conditioning always remains in real fields, with hours of practice that allow you to develop physical endurance, but all this is linked to virtual reality which is where you put into practice what has to do with strategies, reactions in the field (virtually created), group reactions, etc.

An infinite number of types of situations can be simulated in any type of terrain and scenario, this allows them to be faced as many times as necessary and the cost is not so high (compared to a move to another site).

Virtual reality training is intended so that novices can first test themselves in virtually complicated scenarios before facing reality on the battlefield. The intention is that they will master skills that will allow them to survive in those hostile environments.

Often environments are created that are impossible to realize in the real world, and the purpose is for them to develop the ability to react to very high pressure environments.

Here I leave a video in which you can see training based on Virtual Reality:

Virtual Military Training

I close this publication presenting virtual reality information not only for warlike conflicts, because mankind does not only move around wars, although no doubt that throughout history there have always been great advances in many areas of human knowledge, but, I want to talk a little bit about the use of VR in the training of commercial airplane pilots.

Considering that the world is kept interconnected not only through networks or the internet, but with international, transcontinental flights, etc... it is important that these pilots can develop the best of their skills in this area, so that flying by air remains the safest way to travel.

Of course, I know, most probably a video of this training is not as full of adrenaline as the previous one, in which it is exposed (virtually) life, but how nice that they can do it through these tools before moving to reality. However, imagine that you are facing a big storm and the plane you are flying wobbles, you have hundreds of lives under your responsibility, I think that imagining that all takes on another dimension.

I leave you a video of some of the training of these pilots using Virtual Reality:

Boeing 737 REAL Flight Simulator Experience - Singapore

One of the great advantages of using a flight simulator in this specific area is that pollution is practically zero, considering the issue of climate change as a current priority. In addition, it should be noted that the time between the transfer between virtual reality and real flight has been reduced, it is much safer and cheaper. Not only in this transport is virtual reality used, but also for tanks, trucks, in practically all types of vehicles.

For now I say goodbye, that this publication is already quite long.

Thank you for your reading.

Good start to the week.

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Hi @josevas217, thanks for sharing.

Wooo we are certainly facing great advances in the use and application of virtual reality, in artificial intelligence in general.

These applications increasingly facilitate training and scientific research, which improves performance in many areas of life, called medicine, education or national security.

If friend, apart from facilitating, have a considerable decrease in costs, in addition to that exposes to fewer risks to those who are learning.
Of course, I also read that there are those who disagree with this training, which is not the same as the real reality, but, there are always those who disagree with things, even if it brings benefits.

Thanks for commenting @fucho80

I think the idea of virtual reality is amazing, I will like to experience the use myself someday, thanks for sharing.

Yeah, it's impressive. I've seen some Virtual Reality Video games in some malls, but there's always a line to use them, and it makes me a little uncomfortable to have to wait. But at some point I will.

Thanks for the suppor @futurekr

Hello, the topic is interesting and it is good that you take it in a series of post, just as a recommendation, it would be good for those who did not read your previous post to put a link to it in this new post.

Thank you for the recommendation @pedrobrito2004
Yes, I will edit this publication to place the previous one, and in the next one, place the previous ones. That's a good point, I hadn't thought of that.

You're Welcome!

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Thank you very much @project.hope for the support.

virtual reality helps them get used to the environment without having to run risks, so they have the opportunity to correct their mistakes and improve their skills, thus creating better-trained and trained humans to overcome military or civil situations; Whether operating a complex armament, flying a gigantic plane or performing a complex surgery, the possibilities are endless.

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Yes, in large part it is. However, I think there are certain textured details, for example, in the surgeries, that I don't know how they could resolve that. Because the internal temperature of the organs, certain resistance in the tissues, among other things that are in reality, I don't know if I can match it with virtual reality... I would have to experience it, let's see. However, if it helps to get a better idea of things in general.

Thank you for comment.

Basically I am not an fan of vr but you have explained very well it’s quite great how you written about it

To tell you the truth, I'm not a fan either, but if I study it, I've found many interesting things that can really help.
Let's see what happens with all this.

Thank you for your comment @summi1998

We have similar thoughts 😀

Thank you for commenting. We keep reading each other.

Simulation is an integral part not only of technology but also of science and engineering. As a petroleum engineer I can tell you that at least simulation provides a solution for certain petrophysical parameters that cannot be seen in the subsoil and the oil field, so it is only possible to simulate these behaviors by means of computerized software.

Now as you explain in this article for situations where you can experiment in reality like military training I think it is better to do it in real military fields, where there is a better condition attached to reality. Greetings and thanks for sharing your knowledge with the #project.hope community

It's great that one can share information with other professionals and they can give their opinion on the look. Thank you for that interesting contribution @carlos84

The possibility of use is infinite, what you say about training in the field, I also have my doubts that only with Virtual Reality there is adequate preparation. However, if it can work for other areas like the one you propose in your profession.

So many of the most influential people in the world believe that VR will be the greatest innovation to impact human history. My interest lie with augmented reality. It's already being used for US air Force fighter pilots ever since the development of the F-22. The other interesting application that I've looked into are business meetings. Include a translator and you have a global platform to advance enterprise networking unlike anything we've had before. Especially concerning speed and communication.