Some Uses of Virtual Reality - Part One

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Recently I could read an impressive publication made by @pedrobrito2004 entitled Using Virtual Reality for a painful goodbye in which he spoke about a use of the virtual reality for a farewell of a mother with a daughter who had died, in this case the use faith the Virtual Reality (VR) was in the area of the psychology, although I did a reservation as soon as a possible negative effect of this therapeutic resource I do not stop being surprised by the diversity of uses that are giving to this technology.

That is why I wanted to investigate a little more deeply and know how science and technology are moving in this direction and know that other areas are benefiting from this resource.


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"Virtual reality could be defined as a computer system that generates real time representations of reality, which in fact are no more than illusions since it is a perceptive reality without any physical support and that only occurs inside computers."Source

The first uses given to Virtual Reality were in the field of video games and for training in general, but considering its infinite possibilities I will soon expand its use to other areas, I will highlight as first one that is of my particular interest:


If there is one area that is particularly benefiting from the use of VR, it is this one, as it makes it easier for medical schools to do practice, bringing the possibility of harming a real human being while learning to do so to zero.

This is particularly important since it allows you to have previous practices as many times as necessary so that when these students graduate and go to the work field they can face it with greater peace of mind since they will have experienced different similar situations or greater emotional stress.

It should also be noted that the use of VR together with robotics allows the practitioners to acquire practical skills in the mastery of some skills such as organ recognition, use of equipment and instruments of different kinds, among many other things.

Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Case Western Reserve University

For those already more experienced there is a great advantage in the surgical field, since it allows you to recreate (with the help of programmers) the virtual human body anatomy of a particular patient, and practice the surgery you need, minimizing the chances of errors in the surgical act, since it allows you to foresee what may happen, also extends the use to the postoperative process, considering what may happen after leaving the operating room and previously establish the measures to be taken.

Other areas of health where the use of VR is proving very successful in the field of mental health include the treatment of phobias and psychological trauma and also pain management through distraction techniques. Not to mention that it is less important.

*Practically all sciences are benefiting from this technology, although some classical scholars have some resistance to using it, but there is no doubt that in the future it will be a great tool in the treatment of different psychological pathologies.

I hope you have been able to learn something new from this article. We will continue to meet in other publications in which I intend to highlight other important uses that are currently giving to the Virtual Reality and how it will impact us positively in the future.

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Certainly, virtual reality technology has very impressive uses, by the way, it is also used for training athletes and military forces.

Yes, I've already read about it, I'll bring you some interesting information later. Thank you for commenting.

You just reminded me to train my pet AR dragon. Really though, I hear medicine is going to be a really big deal.

Dear @josevas217

I absolutely love topics related to AI. Definetly one of my fav ones.

If there is one area that is particularly benefiting from the use of VR, it is this one, as it makes it easier for medical schools to do practice, bringing the possibility of harming a real human being while learning to do so to zero.

Ehm. I'm not sure about it. I think that in the nearest future AI and machines will be conducting operations and doctors will be there to make decisions and take responsibility (just in case anything goes wrong).

However definetly your idea of helping doctors to learn their skills with VR may be interesting.

I myself was wondering several times if english teachers will not have difficult time in upcoming years? Imagine paying for private classes online (the way people do in current days). Or instead you could have teacher / conversation partner of your own choice and it would cost you less. VR would be one time investment, which could change this market up-side-down.

As student you wouldn't have to worry so much about payments, about arranging classes, appologizing to teacher whenever you need to postpone. You could save money, learn in time suitable for you etc.

What do you think about that buddy?

Upvoted already, looking forward for second part :)
Yours, Piotr

I think I exaggerated when I said that the possibility of damage is reduced to zero... but, nevertheless, being able to live some experiences through virtual reality can help make damage less likely later on.

The English classes, yes, I agree, recently I had some conversations with a bot in telegram, created to practice English, I'm in that process of learning it well, and so look for those options, even some free ones that allow you to practice it, learn new words, etc.

This is a real revolution.

I learn a lot from sci-fi novels and movies, series. Like "Ready Player One" two years ago.