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RE: Was this post WRITTEN BY MACHINE? New Harvard AI Can Recognize That

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@stefan.molyneux talked about this. He used to work on things like this. Generally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simply protocol-based with code, programs, with things like if this, then that. Of course, it depends on the technology and how complex it might be. Ultimately, each human should have their own robot body guards, guns, computers, etc.

Internet 3.0 will be rising in the 2020's, this next decade, said Oatmeal Joey Arnold, Joeyarnoldvn L4OJ Ojawall, and decentralization is fundamental to independent freedoms. The problem is when AI is remote controlled, that is through backdoors, from centralized global tech cartels, from China, from Rothschild, from the Vatican, from other groups, from the globalists, that is through remote access. We must always defend private property rights. That's fundamental. Technology is a tool that is used for good and for bad. Ultimately, you should always invest in different things. Always be prepared. Seek after eternal principles, common sense, wisdom, historical patterns, etc, etc, in order to handle whatever AI throws at us.