Ready for Winter to be Gone Already

in #technology2 months ago

With another 4-6 inches of snow coming down upon us today and tonight, I am all but done with winter. I am ready to get out and about without the nip of the cold air and the bite it has on my lungs.

With all that said, being stuck in the house and still recovering, does give me time to work on other things a little bit at a time. I am revamping my consulting business in expectations I will not be able to do as much as I once did before the strokes. I will be moving more to the digital side of things, providing value through all the documentation and templates I have generated and collected over the years, and can continue to produce through my experience for other IT professionals and their organizations.

I will still consult, but it will be in a limited capacity and only in support of this endeavor. More to follow in future posts. The new website is still in the works, I have hired a professional web designer, a professional PHP and MySQL developer, and a copywriter to help me do things right. Plus I need the assist big time while still recovering.

It is turning into a really fun ride. It is allowing me to run down memory lane as I am going through all my old files, documents, etc. looking for the very best value that potential clients (members) will be able to utilize.

Hope everyone is staying warm and staying healthy! Until next time.