how the money value is stored in deadly premonition 2

in #technologylast year

I just want to share some interesting pointers if you want to make cheats for this game concerning the money value specifically.

First of all it is not stored in the same way you read it on the screen.

This means you will not find it if you search for a value like this:


This is because the the value is not stored as a double or float it is stored as a 32bit integer.

in memory this is displayed as 0000DFCF

also if you wish to change the value i suggest using a tool like:

to get the 2s signed compliment of the value

for example say you want to set the value to 5729500 then you put it into the page linked above and get the 2s compliment which is 00576CDC then you write it to the location in memory and ingame it will show up as this:



btw I didnt share the actual address because it may move around but the adress i found was 0F60D9EE80