A method of fixing the fps issues in deadly premonition 2

in #technologylast year

Warning this method could reduce the lifespan of your switch or get you banned. It will also most definately drain your battery much faster so keep your charger handy if you play in handheld mode.

with that out of the way the method involves having a modifiable switch console this is needed because we are essentially overclocking it.

well first thing we need is install sys-clk and the sys-clk overlay (the first one is the main one you need the 2nd one is merly a tool to make it easier to configure)

next after making sure both parts are installed from the hb app store (i dont remember if sys-clk comes with heteke or atomosphere) we need to start up deadly premonition to make sure we edit the right game in the UI.

to open up the tesla menu with "Left shoulder + dpad down + right stick press"

from there select sys-clk overlay and first turn it on. then set the values for handheld or or docked depending on how you plan to use the console to this:

these numbers made most of the frame issues at-least on my end disappear.