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A couple of years ago I created a Youtube channel for my son at his request. His videos, and profile in general have been very well. Today I had a very brief conversation which inspired me to write this post.

As (what I would consider) a relatively tech savvy individual myself, I am fully aware of the reasoning behind the reluctance of many parents – safety and security being at the top of the list, but the fact of the matter is… that kids are going to explore it with or without your consent as their parents. It is a now STAPLE facet of the world we live in and parents of kids today, SERIOSULY need to wake up to that fact… because if they don’t – their kids will get left in the dust and are also potentially at a lot more risk!

Now before you all jump on your soap boxes – let me elaborate. Everything in life is about balance. EVERYTHING!!!! Even imbalance has its own respective balance. I am not saying that there isn’t a problem with the amount of time that kids spend on technology… because THERE IS – and the addiction to it is real… in fact 99.9% of you reading this are addicts and I include myself in that example.

But kids “playing” on technology is not the aspect of it that I am addressing here.

Whether your child grows up and decides to become a computer programmer or a sheep farmer, they are STILL going to need to be wise in the world of technology and to be quite honest… having been a child who pretty much broke every rule, gave very little time or attention to school and spent 90% of her growing up years high on all sorts of drugs… I can honestly say that I know FULL WELL that the “blind eye” or “ignorance is bliss” tactics are seldom winners when it comes to dealing with kids. So, in that light - rather than turning a blind eye to the reality of “today” or trying to steer my son in the opposite direction – I would far rather educate him EFFICIENTLY in the ”online realm” so that he KNOWS what he is doing and has a sense of boundaries in terms of what is ok and what is not, as well as knowing how to guard himself.

The simple fact is – technology is here to stay and I think that it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that we educate our kids! And NO…. gaming is NOT the educational part. Kids may know how to play a game backwards, forwards and blindfolded but will have no sense on how to conduct themselves responsibly online… get where I am going? The internet is filled with people of all shapes and descriptions and some of them… really aren’t very nice. Over and above that, the instances for having the wool pulled over one’s eyes are practically every second second… and whilst I cannot speak for anyone else, I know I would rather have my child wised up.

Aside from protecting them from the negatives, there are SO many future benefits literally LYING at your fingertips… opportunities that NO broker or banker will ever be able to offer you or your children lol…. TRUE STORY! Especially when it comes to the world of crypto. Getting them involved in it NOW while their brains are clean sponges, will save them so much of the hassle many of us “oldies” had to endure further down the playing field haha!

Social media can be enjoyable, but can also be fairly destructive – rather steer them in the direction of something like Steemit, where they can grasp the concept of decentralised systems, learn to save and ultimately understand the investment they are creating in their own futures.

Some people look at me like I am mad when I tell them that my son of 8 is learning coding at school… but to me, I think he is blessed to be afforded such an extra mural and they are the crazy ones for not seeing its absolute criticality in their futures… not our futures…. THEIRS!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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My daughter @shari.porter (7yrs) teaches hotel guests how to download trustwallet and or purchase/use crypto to pay for items... at that age they already know how to use crypto, qr codes, keys etc , they may not fully understand money yet, but— definitely better for their financial future and mass adoption.

Educate him on fintech as much as possible, crypto is like email; everyone will use it at some point. I’d Introduce him to Steem games and ways to earn while playing/learning. Blockchain games (aside from casinos) teach how to save, hodl and take educated risks without boring them entirely.


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Yep, agreed! I give my kids a lot of internet freedom, too; they even all have their own phone's. In my view, the entirety of human knowledge is available to them, and giving them that freedom gives them the opportunity to add to that knowledge (though, granted, they're usually watching funny cat videos, but they're still kids). I like to tell my kids three things every day:

  1. I love you
  2. Make good choices
  3. Please use your powers for good. (And if you need to rule the world, I want Australia).

I'm with you :)

I understand life is good without screens and plenty of fresh air, but I also think that learning about computers and IT will likely benefit the youth of today, tomorrow.

Inspiring post my dear. Resteemed. More people have to read it :))) thanks for it.

Completely agree with you, @jaynie! My three grew up in the early days of Facebook, and since they were all homeschooled, being online was pretty much essential to their mental well being...LOL! We actually figured out ways to combine gaming and learning - for example, we had a family guild on World of Warcraft, and were able to monitor and help direct the kids as they chatted with other players, and even had some guildies who looked out for them when we weren't online.

We also had a rule at that time - no text speak allowed. If I caught them saying, "hay can u plz" they were in big trouble! As a result, all three (who are now all adults) can string together perfectly coherent thoughts when communicating online, and regularly send me messages saying, "ty" and "how r u"... 😂

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I don't have any kids, but I see things in this world that we can't ignore @jaynie, your post is needed! 👏

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