New Bracelet Shocks You If You Eat Too Much Junk Food!

in technology •  2 months ago  (edited)'s true! Some cat came up with a cool invention called the Pavlok.

It's a bracelet that can be programmed to shock you if you do certain actions or if you want to change a bad habit you shock yourself while doing that habit.

I was surprised to find that the internet is LOADED with testimonials from people who have quit smoking, lost weight, got off their sugar addiction...and on and's quite amazingly effective.

lol..look at this lady. Put down that apple pie! She won't be doin that for long.


At first I thought it was a gimmick but when your body receives those shocks the brain turns off the desire for the action that causes those shocks!

Turns out this invention is a brilliant, biological and science based piece of equipment.


The name is clever too and I know that 99% of Steemians already know the name Pavlov because y'all are so smart, educated, and highly intelligent.

For that one percent, Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who did experiments with dogs in the 1890's and discovered that he could condition them to respond to certain stimuli.

Same type of conditioning with the Pavlok. Actually, I think he should have called it the Pavshock! But perhaps that would project a negative connotation.


The price is $179 or if you're short on funds you can pay $30 a month until paid in full. But as the new models come out you can trade your old one in for very little cost and get the new one.

What do you guys think...anyone that could use one of these? Get shocked if you don't get a post out? lol. The website is full of more information and testimonials here.


Thanks so much for stopping by folks, God bless you all!

PS- You wanna see what the world's largest dog looks like? Or at least the world's tallest? Freddy the Great Dane is in the Guinness Book as the tallest. Check him out:


His owner has to walk him before daylight every morning so he doesn't intimate the other dogs. Plus, if he decided to run..she wouldn't be able to stop him! lol.

She's 5 ft 4 inches, he is 7 feet tall when standing:


He weights 14.5 stones(203 pounds) and pretty much does what he wants. She said he's destroyed 23 couches so far!


And yes, it costs a fortune to feed him. Between Freddy and her other dog she spends well over 12,500 pounds each year!


I like that bowl..The Boss! lol. Exactly.

I bet she feels secure with him there though, I bet he's a good watch dog. Can you imagine the bark on that guy?




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O my word - I will be fried by that bracelet or take it off during the first hour because it will keep on shocking me and not even that will keep me away from nice things to eat. Jeez that dog is a horse.

lol...that is funny anneke. I'm sure many people totally agree with you, they'd take a hammer to it!
And the dog, you'd have to be independently wealthy just to be able to feed that guy. lol.

heheheee ... I want 1 bracelet like that

Howdy there btcfreeforall001! Do you? What would you use it for?

heheee. To let it advice me when I do something wrong :)

That's torture hahaha! I'm not much of a big eater but if I had one for when I'm slouching or don't exercise, that would be my death hahaha.

It's been a while @janton, I'm glad to come back and find your interesting posts on my feed! Thanks for sharing!

Howdy again siucatti! I could use it for excising more myself. Good to see you and thanks for the kind words!

You need to take a shovel and wheelbarrow on a walk to pick the poop.

lol..that's what I was thinking about too sir oldtimer!

I had a similar device as a kid...It was called a parent. The parent-device would initiate a shock (smack) when I did something bad...Seemed to work mostly.

I'd keep eating the donuts and coffee and take the pain I reckon. Lol.

lol...I agree about the donuts and coffee! Yeah the old fashioned ways are usually more effective than the idiotic tripe they come up with these days.

I rarely wear a watch and if I do it's my Casio Rangeman. It's weird as I actually have a cool collection of some really nice ones I've gained over the years. I'm probably selling a couple though, to buy some gold. I never wear them anyway.

I'm pretty sure I don't need a watch to tell me when not to do a bad thing...Hell, no one does. I'd be happy to follow someone around and poke them in the eye everytime they had a cigarette...For the right money of course. Lol.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Haha..I agree but since people are not raised with discipline I think that's the reason this bracelet is so popular. They still don't have to have discipline though because the bracelet does the training. That was a smart invention.
Trading your watches for gold is a brilliant idea, great time to do it too.
I don't wear a watch, I'm a dinosaur so I carry a pocket watch!

They still don't have to have discipline though because the bracelet does the training.

Provided they have the discipline to put it on in the morning. Lol.

Yeah, I have mot grandfathers pocket watch and was planning a series of posts about him which will feature the watch at some point. Pocket watches are classy.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Oh cool sir galenkp! That is very interesting indeed! You have good taste in time keeping devices. lol.

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Howdy there steem-plus! Thank you so much for the upvote!

That gadget is too expensive! It will be thrown into the bath tub as soon as it tries to stop a person from eating his favourite food or cake!

Haha! I am sure that a few of them have met their death at the hands of frustrated people trying to change!

Do they have one that will shock you when you make a sarcastic remark. I would like to buy that for a Jonboy.

lol! That would be entertaining wouldn't it sir Vincent? lol. What about you, is there anything you need to stop doing?

Not for me. Thank you.

uh huh, no bad habits to break huh? right. I'll start calling you Mr. Perfect!

Hi janton, I wonder if this stimulus/response approach is for the desperate person who has found that nothing has worked! I would not enjoy the sting at all. I much prefer to buy a pretty sparkly bracelet, lol.

Fancy having such a LARGE dog that costs a fortune. Wow!

Howdy today angiemitchell! I think the bracelet has really helped people overcome addictions like smoking where nothing else did. I think it's an awesome tool for those who don't have the self-discipline!
That dog would be a full time job wouldn't it? lol. Not many people could afford one.

That is shocking news about that bracelet! LOL

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

lol..good one sir simms50! I know you are very disciplined so you don't need anything like this right? How do you like that dog? How would you like to walk that beast and be the pooper scooper? lol.

Massive dog, massive poop. Human clean up poop, wait a minute who is the master here??

Exactly sir simms50, that's why I thought that bowl was so funny! Oh, I forgot to put in there that Freddy destroyed 23 couches! lol...I think I'll go edit and put that in.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Nah, he'd be sleeping in the bathroom if he destroyed my couch. My dog is bad enough, I have to put the grand kids toys on the couch to keep him off it, if I forget he never misses on the opportunity. I've never been that funny when it came to any dog I owned sleeping on the couch, mainly because I always keep it covered but he sheds eternally. I bet I could make a human wig every couple weeks from what he sheds. Never had a dog that sheds like that. I really miss not being able to take him for long walks to parks other than the one across the street because even if I put a blanket across the back seat hairs will always manage to slip from it a bit and his hair like wove's itself into the fabric and it takes me forever to get it out. Not to mention if he doesn't keep his butt in the backseat like he's suppose to and jumps into the front, I could stop for a couple minutes somewhere and come back to complete mess.

ps: let me know when they come out with a shock

I've never heard of a dog shedding that much either sunlit7, what kind is he?

He's a yellow lab mix. He has Myopathy which is the dog version of Muscular Dystrophy. Maybe that stresses out his system, I really don't know but they do say animals do tend to shed more when they are stressed. He doesn't act like he's stressed, he's spoiled rotten. I wasn't going to get another dog after my last dog of fourteen years died but I started reading about all the homeless dogs in Detroit, some forming packs roaming the streets so I thought if I could help another dog I would. I spent six months roaming shelters here and in local cities when I ran across him at a local shelter. He had been passed from several shelters in an attempt to find him a home. He had a double whammy as he also had heartworm but they didn't want to go through the expense of treating it unless they found him a home as they'd also have to transport him to another vet in another city to have it treated. It's rare in labs and both parents have to carry the gene. Only labs and one other type of dog usually contract Myopathy, most of them out grow it but sometimes it can cause deformities in the joints. He has one foot that kicks off to the side so it looks like he sits on the joint of the leg. He gets around great though, just like any other dog and he's as strong as an ox, he's showing no signs of slowing down as they told me dogs inflicted usually don't live past seven years and he's seven now, I got him when he was two years old back in 2014. The only really annoying thing he does is regurgitate his food, I have to be careful to only give him about a cup or so at a time and the water bowl sits in another location so he's not tempted to drink and eat at the same time. That seems to work better than elevating his dish which someone said I should try. It's always this really slimy, slimy regurgitation to. I don't think he had it to good where ever he came from because he's not one to wonder, he's slipped his collar a couple times and he doesn't tend to leave the yard, he may wonder next door but then he will run right back to his chair on the back porch. his is a deep seated round outdoor lounge chair that became his after it was brought home, as in "thank you, that was so kind of you to buy me a chair". Probably because of his regurgitation and the fact he had heartworm that he spent a lot of time being chained up outside where ever he came from as he also loves to chew on sticks and he has a fondness for bread, as in maybe the people he lived with threw bread out to the birds. If you leave the bread sitting near the end of the table he will bring you the loaf....or so it may appear, it could just be he was trying to be slick and carry away the whole loaf. You can't put anything beyond him in that regard as one time when my brother was staying with me he accused me for days of taking his jelly beans. I don't even particularly like jelly beans. About four days later we were sitting watching tv and we hear this raffling sound of paper. My brother ask me what does he have now and I told him probably your jelly beans. He did. Had them tucked away between his dog bed and the wall. You could brush him everyday and get the same amount of hair each time, it really does amaze me. Every week I sweep down the steps I get at least a good cereal bowl size clump of hair. Scratch his back and rub your hand around and it doesn't even take a minute to come up with a good clump. I've never had a dog that shed like that, my dalmatian would shed somewhat year round but nothing in comparison plus her hair was shorter and didn't lodge into fabric.


This device reminds me of the shock collars they put on dogs but I can see it being used to help folks quit smoking.

I agree redheadpei, it has helped many people quit smoking already and has as they improve the technology and programming I'm sure it'll be able to help even more people get rid of harmful habits.

I need this!

Howdy sir optout! Do you really? I imagined you to be very disciplined! In what area do you need this?

Thank you for the compliment sir! I'm not disciplined when it comes to food though. I eat to much! I don't eat all that unhealthily, just too much!

I think most of us share that bad habit. I'm not sure how you would program this thing to help in that regard but I'm sure it's doable.

Hey, I been meaning to ask you something about Longmire. lol. That beer that Walt always drank, Reisling? Not sure of the spelling, is that a real beer up there?

Rainier Beer! It's from Seattle (Mt. Rainier). Nobody drinks it in Eastern Wyoming, but Northwestern Wyoming is where Longmire is set, and maybe they drink it up there? They're closer to Seattle. We're more oriented to Denver so Coors or Keystone is our cheap beer of choice! It's funny, the first Time I went to Texas I demanded some Lone Star Beer, and it took a few bars before I could find it. They told me nobody drinks Lone Star Beer in Texas anymore.

Oh that's right, Rainier! Yes, oh that's interesting that no one drinks it in your area. And that's really funny about the Lone Star Beer. lol. I'm not a big beer drinker so I haven't had it either.

What part of Texas were you?

I've been all over. My little sister went to college at A&M in Bryan, that was my first trip to Texas. Being in the Army I've been to Killeen many times, and El Paso many times. I really like El Paso. I've driven through Texas more than once so I've seen Galveston, Amarillo, Witchita Falls, San Antonio, Midland/Odessa. The only place I haven't seen is far south Texas, Brownsville area.

Wow you're quite familiar with her then! But it is changing and growing so fast that I think you might be shocked. We're definitely losing our Texas character with all the imports.

Whoah that’s crazy lol

Howdy sir bigtakosensei! That's quite a username! I agree, the bracelet is crazy but apparently lots of people need it. lol. No self-discipline. I don't think you're one of them. Thanks so much for the resteem!

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Haha..that's called controlling and how many may it kill , get a heart attack while been things they come up 😄

It would be a good thing to lock on a rapist dick..haha..funny but would work 😄

lol..great idea sir hangin! Well it's helped alot of people quit smoking but I reckon you don't have any bad habits that need broken!

Na i'm pretty right sir janton i will give that one a miss i will stick to my plonk 😄 😄

That's one heck of a big woofer! Vern doesn't even have to lift his head to put his chin on the table, but that guy's got some seriously height going for him.

So, that Pavlov shocker, is it approved for use on two-year-olds? ;-)

lol...I'm sure this would be a good trainer, the bracelet! I wonder if anyone has done that? I'm sure they have.

Yeah that dog is very interesting and she talked about it eating 23 of her couches and the big food bill but she didn't say anything about the big loads she has to clean up when he relieves himself! THAT would be another big job.

Src Giphy


WTF..... This would be Me...!! more donuts for you sir krazzytrukker! lol. That's hilarious.

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Howdy there steem-ua! Thank you so much for the upvote!

I confused as to how the bracelet actually knows what you are eating. I wouldn't want one, that is for sure.

Ever seen the movie Cat's Eye and the smoking cessation program they had on there?

Howdy gooddream! I haven't seen Cat's Eye, is that a good one?

As far as the bracelet, I couldn't find detailed instructions on how to program it. They're improving the technology all the time so I'm sure in a year or two it will be downright scary on what it knows a person is doing!

Some things it can tell and will automatically shock you but for others I think you're supposed to have enough motivation to shock yourself when you do or eat something you want to stop doing or eating...and after just a couple of times your brain stops you from having the desire for those things.

Cat's Eye is a really old film where basically if you decide to quit smoking and you cheat, they are always watching you and will do terrible things to you and your family / friends if you ever have even one ciggie.

Wow, what a concept! sounds entertaining. Thanks for the description.

Hey janton, great device! Poor common sense gone though 🤣

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I agree clitadias, but people are being helped because of not having any self control or common sense on their own so I have to say that it's a brilliant invention. lol.

It sure is, especially if it is helping people 🙏💐

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