Four Great Electric Pickup Trucks Are Finally Coming To Market!

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It's about time too.
We love our trucks in redneck country. (all of the rural South, U.S.A. is redneck country). We like em big too.


Hold it, this'n ain't from around here...I think thisn's an Alabaman.


In Texas we like em REAL big. The bigger the better. lol.(I have no idea how you get up and down from there, but the size is what's important)


Yeah they got all these little rinky dink cars but nothing practical for a workin man to use. Until now that is.

Now we have two new vehicle manufacturers here in the U.S. coming out with awesome looking pickups, Rivian and Atlis.

And in addition to those we have the long-awaited Tesla and Ford F-150 Electric.

Check em's the Rivian. Different lookin animal ain't it? Very smooth though:


Here's the Atlis, also unique styling but super tough lookin:


Now the Tesla:


The Ford looks just like a regular F-150 at this time but they may change it.

Here it is in an ad you may have seen, shows it pulling 1.2 million pounds. It's impressive looking but deceiving. Pulling railroad cars on tracks isn't that hard.


The only problem is..

These things ain't cheap. No one knows for certain but estimates for the price of the Ford F-150 is $69,000 but Tesla wants to cut into Ford's market so they claim their pickup will cost under $50,000.

Nobody knows what the price of the Atlis will be at this point but Atlis says it will have a basic model for $45,000(that probably looks like crap).

The Rivian, that's the top one which looks real sleek, will be priced between $69,000 and $90,000 depending on the model!

The good news

Is that these pick-em-up trucks are very sophisticated, high tech, fast, innovative and loaded with great features. The Rivian can sit there and turn around in a circle like a tank. They even copyrighted the phrase Tank Steer.

There WAS a video of it but they took it offline for now.

They all have a 15 minute charge time and can travel 500 miles on one charge. And I'm sure by the time they actually launch, those stats will be improved.

They're all saying they'll try to bring them to market next year. It's a big race to see who can get the jump on a gigantic market.

The market in Texas alone is huge. Everyone drives a pickup here. They'll have to come out with lift kits though! lol.


Ten years from now probably 90% of the vehicles will be electric. Do any of you guys want an electric pickup?

Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!

the gentleman redneck





They look kinda silly without a grill, but I suppose the grill isn't really needed. Hopefully the trucks are done well and can actually function as a proper pickup truck, and not just a large sized car.

Howdy wwwiebe! They look funny don't they? But we'll get used to them. Yes, they don't need a grill so bugs can't get into the engine compartment. They know the huge truck market is a killer one so they are working hard and pulling out all the stops to produce an actual, tough truck that can handle real work. Well of course we know that Ford will for sure, we'll have to wait on the others.
I could sure you one, how about you? Do you like the prices? lol.

I remember when the Dodge Ram came out with the big ugly nose. When you open the hood the grill goes up with it..... I hated and clowned them.

Now I love em & I own 2 of em..... Lol

Also this is the kind of truck I tried to buy B4 the one I am layin inside of right now. But the deal fell thru. The International Lonestar.

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That's a beauty. Tomorrow my post will be about old cars, I think, if I get it together. Don't dare talk about fixing one up and driving it though! People will scream about that polution!

I had two 68 chargers. And a 1970 mustang. All B4 i was 20 yrs old. If i would only have known what they would be worth today.

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lol! that's for sure, that's the way it works! What were you doing having so many cars at such a young age, were you working on cars too?

We restored a bunch of old muscle cars back in my teenage yrs. Then the 20's came along and it was 4 wheel drive monster trucks and keg parties out where the cars could not make it to.

The 20's..the decade or the age? lol..well that's very interesting sir krazzytrukker and makes perfect sense! Where are you tonight?

Yes. They need grills. Yum yum.

The world is changing, and we have to change with it or be left behind. Sometimes, being left behind doesn't seem so bad lol. I would check out an electric vehicle....would they operate on solar??

Howdy tamaralovelace! yeah sometimes I would just as soon be left behind! That's a great question about solar! I just read that Toyota is working on having cars with micro solar cells embedded in the body of the car that will recharge the car all the time so you don't even have to stop and recharge it. We won't believe the vehicles in another ten years.

No, no, and no! Not a fan of how they look. Can they make it work in cold winters? And electronics go wrong all the time. Not to mention the average Joe can’t do anything to fix it himself. Oh buts that’s probably the point. Lol call me Debby downer..
Hey btw, you should check out my ag related post from yesterday and let me know your thoughts.

Howdy Debby! - I love ag related posts! I didn't know there WERE any. lol. I'll get over there.

hey, these look really funny to us but after awhile we'll get used to grills and such. The technology going into these is astounding, nothing like them, the latest technology and it's being developed just for these trucks. It's super impressive but the market is so huge that they want to put out really good, actual, working trucks.

And yes there is nothing we could fix except maybe change a tire. They're basically electric computers on a chassis.

The Rivian site showed their chasis and there's nothing above the tires. I mean as far as motors or anything, it's all the cab, bed and storage. But as we all know with new technology...might want to wait a couple years for them to perfect things.

That is a ridiculous amount of money for a truck!

Isn’t it crazy?! One day, my husband would love to get a diesel pickup. A decent used one still costs 40-some grand!

Howdy hebrewhousewife! Hey I want a diesel too but I never looked at the prices, now I know so thanks for the warning! lol. It is totally insane but on most of these electric truck sites they have pre-issue or pre-market or whatever they call it before they get to the dealership....they have those order buttons where you can put a chunk down right now and there's huge lists of people who've done that. You better get your downpayment made so you can be the first person in your county to own an electric truck!

If you bought one you'd have to live in it because you wouldn't be able to afford your house is that what you're sayin sir simms50? I agree and yet they'll sell like hot cakes I guarantee you!

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Howdy today steemitboard! those are nice numbers, thanks for keeping track and for the upvote!

Morning janton, I would need a ladder to get up on the really big multi tyre pick up, haha.

lol! It might have to be a rope ladder and that would not be the easiest thing to use!

I kinda like the tesla 😉

Howdy again pooky-jax! I think the Tesla is going to be a great pickup, you have good taste in electric pickups! lol.

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Howdy esteemapp, thanks so much for the upvote!

I would not mind a water fuel truck in the future!!

Howdy sir kaminchan! A water fuel truck? I am sure that is being designed but do you need one yourself?

This water car or truck would save a lot if money on fuel oil! But I guess this car would be very expensive!

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oh I thought you meant a truck that would haul water! lol. Yes you are so right!

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I like the Atlis Sir @janton, over here most people drive an SUV due to the dirt roads and all farmers run with trucks and Landrovers.

I like the look of the Atlis the best also sir papilloncharity, in ten years the whole world will be electric vehicles with no more smog from cars. Things are changing fast.

Good news indeed Sir @janton, a bit late, as they are saying that the planet is beyond repair and the electric switch over should have happened 20 years ago.
We are still burning tons of coal here every day at the power stations.
But the Lord is shutting them down, as due to corruption they are very close to being declared bankrupt.

Howdy again sir papilloncharity! Well, that may be true about the earth, maybe that is another indication that we are in the End Times. However, I've read very convincing articles by critics of electric cars and they say that it still pollutes more to build one that the car saves in emissions it's whole life!

I don't know if that's true but some very well known scientists say the electric vehicles as they are made presently, are not the answer because of how they're made.

As far as the power plants, yes I've read about the corruption and how the plants are barely in operation. Are you guys on the rotation system where a different area has to go without power every few days? It's crazy and all because of the corruption you mentioned.

They also need to do something about the charging stations..... Would you want to sit in line behind 10+ others to get to an electricity pump.?

I like the chevy volt. It is a good looking little car.

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Well toyota is working on a car that has tiny solar cells embedded in the paint that always keep the car charged so it won't need charging stations so I'm sure they'll all be able to go with something like that. Critics are still saying that it does more polluting and damage to the environment to make one electric car than that car saves on emissions it's whole life but I don't know if that's true.

It is true!!

Spend over a dollar extra just to save a dime. Makes no sense to me. I will keep my dollar.

Look at it this way. The parts for the emmisions on the big truck. Raised the prices of them 10k.

All those parts had to be made. Probably in Mexico & China. Then shipped here. Made in manufacturing plants that have no pollution regulations by slave labor. All the energy expended to make these parts, by the time they are shipped & being used by us, they put more pollution and used more energy than they will ever save.

Fact also....

The new emmisions "cleaner trucks" get an avrg. Of 5 mpg. I avrg. Over 6 with this truck. And my old KW pulled down almost 8 mpg.

So in the long run the cleaner trucks cost more to buy, run, and maintain. It has put many owner operators in bankruptcy due to the downtime and repair prone flawed emissions systems.

It will never make sense to me to to reroute exhaust gasses back into an engine. EGR. (Exhaust gas recirculation) destroys engines. That is a proven fact.

I have an altimeter chip in this truck that fools it into thinking it is over 5000 feet above sea level. Which stops the waste gate from opening and recirculating the exhaust.

Here is an emmision system for a human......

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Holy smokes sir krazzytrukker! that's amazing and is totally logical. Way too logical for liberals to comprehend! wow. Well, electric would solve the emmissions problem with the trucks at least. It rubs me the wrong way that we are one of the cleanest countries and highly regulate polution while China and India polute the whole world and no one says anything!

You pretty much nailed it. Back 10 yrs or so they did a study and China was Booming. Putting out like 80% of the worlds pollution.... Who knows what it is now...?

Our News Media puts out most of the propaganda garbage.

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hahaha! I heard that their ratings were so terrible that if they weren't there just to be a platform for the socialist they would collapse. If they had to earn their ratings in other words.

I have always been interested on electric. Trains are just a giant generators with an electric motor.

We even considered a Chevy Volt for @pooky-jax when they first came out 10 yrs or so back....

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Well good, the change will come easy for you guys then!

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Thanks so much ocdb and for helping so many people!

That is a good news and yes, it's about bloody time!!! They are very sophisticated looking too, but I am afraid that rednecks will not like them, lol. Or maybe they will, they just change the tires like on that photo up here, lol.

lol..rednecks would have to modify them to make them look bigger and rougher! The critics are still saying that it polutes more to produce an electric car than what that car saves in emissions it's whole life but I haven't looked into it.

My favorite is the one with eight wheels. That's awesome and yet, I wonder if the tired are thicker or if they are not any more likely to get a flat tire.

Howdy Oatmeal! I would think that they'd have the flat-proof tires on there that I keep reading about but haven't come to market yet. With the technology we have today we should at least have tires that won't go flat.


It'll be nice to have some electric trucks, as long as they can hold their own against the non-electric competition. I miss my old Ford Ranger, though it was falling apart. It had a standard cab and manual transmission, both of which seem impossible to find anymore. I could also fix a lot of problems myself. Good luck servicing an electric vehicle on your own, unless you're an electrical engineer.

Howdy sir fotosdenada! oh yeah, these new cars are so advanced! They're working hard to make the actual trucks that can take a beating because they want that huge market. Weather they succeed is another story. Well, we know that Ford will succeed, I think it's the same basic cab and bed but it's gotta be dependable.

The 2nd and 3rd pics are hilarious! About the new models...why mess with a good thing? I like the pickup trucks the way they are now...tough looking. I just can't imagine them being electric. Doesn't that take some of the fun out of them? I just hope you all are smart enough not to get a self-driving one. LOL!

lol! It DOES take the fun out of it for sure! But we'll figure out how to jack them up and so on! lol. Better get used to them because pretty soon the whole world will be going electric. I'm glad you liked the photos, I thought they were great!

Technology is just getting so crazy and ugly look at that Rivian truck you wouldn't know if it's the front or back coming at you getting to creative spoils things i will stay with my F150 old school is better :)

haha! well sir hangin the Ford electric, at least at this time, looks just like their regular gas and diesel engine models so if you go electric you might want to go with that one. But I suppose Thailand and those countries will come out with their own versions, they might be smaller though.

I predict that in ten years we'll all be forced to drive electric. You'll probably get fined or get into trouble if you drive a gasoline car!

This is true electric is the future much better the world could do with less pollution and Thailand love them big they carry there whole family in the tray :)

Well sir hangin with the big congestion problems and polution over there it seems like electric is the way to go. But I will miss the big muscle cars!

Yeah your right i still love my burbling V8 muscle cars :)

I am all for electric trucks.
I told my wife, we are selling both of our cars and getting an electric pickup when they come out. We are still waiting.
Yes, that is a huge market! I would have started there and not the Semis if I was Tesla.
I am really just looking at the Tesla's for now. They have so much more experience in motor vehicles and it will make a difference. Specially since these are first time launches.

Howdy again sir deepwaters! Yes, Tesla makes such sophisticated and advanced cars that I'm sure the truck will be great, if they make it tough enough. I know the Ford will be. I think we all might as well start getting used to the idea, in a few years electrics will be the only option so you guys are ahead of the curve!

I would not say ahead of the curve. Just anxious to see the offers will be in Electric Trucks.
In my small island, we pay USD $ .45 (45 cents) per KWh. One of the most expensive electricity in the world, so I will have to wait to change to a Solar/Wind setup for my home in order to get one of those shiny trucks.

I will never sell my 2004 Toyota, Hilux, 2.8 Diesel. That thing was forged on another much harsher planet.

lol! Those Toyotas are hard to beat as far as dependability and toughness for sure!

Howdy again sir deepwaters! I forgot to say that I read Toyota is testing a car that is embedded with tiny solar cells so that it has a constant charging coming in and won't need to stop and be recharged. So I think all of them will have that eventually.

That would sure be something. It would be the ultimate solution.

I also read somewhere that teams of scientists are looking for ways to mine lithium out of ocean salt water. With the going race for lithium reserves, this could be highly profitable.

oh wow, I hadn't heard about the lithium, sounds like the mining outfit doing that would be good to invest in!