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Imagine a world where we have tipped into the Digital Dimension.

We are at that precipice.

Our Governments are moving down the Technology Road.
Companies are taking it in-hand and using it to generate sales with customers.
Grab your Multi Pass and make sure it works.

To Err is Human, to really screw up, you need a computer.

In many ways life will become easier. Repetitive tasks removed, data kept, pre-fill in pages a God-send to avoid having to do everything in triplicate, instant click access.

Global Head Bobbing

Everywhere I go, I see everyone bobbing their head down to view their hand held device.
It's a Global phenomena that just amazes me. Every culture seems to spend every spare moment looking down at the screen before them. Amen.

The motivation to look down are many. Social, Educational, Sensational, Sexual, Financial, Political, Spiritual - it can be used for virtually anything.

Picking up the kids from school and 99.9% of people waiting for their children are worshipping their little device.

Hail to technology.

Everything is Processed and Data trails exist

The gift of our technology creates 2 very amazing outcomes.

  1. Our data captures everything that we do. Unless, you use a VPN, everything that you do on the screen can be seen by someone, somewhere.

"These 'free' applications ask for permission to read your emails, your text messages, listen to your phone calls, record video from your phone. Why else would someone spend millions developing an application which they then give away? Kind-hearted, maybe? Get real." (John McAfee)
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The routine data entry gets reduced and makes life easier. But what happens if someone with nefarious intentions gets inside your data lounge? Life may become very uncomfortable.

  1. Turning the Tap Off
    I've had a phone call from Coinspot asking me if I buy cryptos for anyone. Do I share my account with anyone?
    What happens if they suspect that I do? Then do they have the right to terminate my account? Probably, I guess, they run the platform.

I cannot use my Paypal because I haven't "resolved" some information they require. I try to resolve the information that they require, but all I end up is in a loop of the same questions being asked.
I've contacted them twice with no reply. So, I've found a work around from using Paypal at all.

Bank of Queensland will not provide bank accounts to potential criminal ventures, such as Tattoo Parlours. 'Cause they are used to launder money. I can think of many cash based businesses that could be used as well - do we just ban them?

The power to flick access off and on is very disturbing. What happens when a switch is turned off and you cannot go about your business? When you ask for assistance you told that it is just following policy and that's meant to calm you down.

95% satisfied

I like the new technologies.
They provide are fantastic opportunity to improve our quality of life.
But we need to be careful as to how those powerful Corporations wield the power.

Ethics and Morals are very important to dictate the behaviours of people that most of us will never see or know.

This is where Blockchain technologies can help to provide some transparency in the system.

It is a hard situation as people who create tend to want to receive an adequate income from their efforts & the ensuing power can be addictive.

While the majority of people feel that they are benefitting from the technologies, then all will be well.
It's when it tips a larger number of people into the unhappy zone - that's when people seem to say "Enough".

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Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

But so long as it's just a small few - then heavy hands get overlooked.
Cameras are out, behaviour is measured and judged. Keep in line with the prevailing winds.


In many ways life will become easier. Repetitive tasks removed, data kept, pre-fill in pages a God-send to avoid having to do everything in triplicate, instant click access.

This doesn't actually seem to work across the board. With each company going digital your often having to register separately with each one and each one requires the same repetition of all verifying documents, sometimes a few different ones for each. If you can't input them, then any registration or application can't move forward, because it's a computer program which doesn't allow for deviation. So if you don't fit in the box, you're going to be on the street.

Once we go cashless (because that is what they want), then what recourse do we have when our digital currency access gets denied?

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I'm in the 1% not worshipping the mobile gods, I don't take a phone with me anywhere and I only look at if it rings or if I get a message. I don't even like having it in the house because it spies on everything you do.

It's like a form of projected consciousness for most people, their minds are not where they are & they don't live in the moment. They live in cyberspace in an artificial world.

The idiots putting their whole life on the phone is hard for me to get my head around, people have banking details, licenses photos and their entire social media profile on them. So when the corporate police pull them over and ask for the phone to check their license they are giving them all the details they wouldn't tell their closest friends.

Absolute madness in the name of convenience.

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