What is the Best File-Sharing Site for Crypto-Creators?

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I intend to start building my library of architectural details and blocks in CorelCAD, and perhaps share some tips and tricks related to using that program and AutoCAD. What is the best non Google, non-Microsoft way to share a library of .DWG/.DXF files for public use, though? MEGA might be an option, but it may offer more security than I need for a public and potentially collaborative project. Please comment below with your suggestions and advice.

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Well, when i did this, i stored them on 5¼" floppies.

When I first did this, I used 100MB Zip disks.

This may be a rather roundabout way to share files, but you could sell them for nothing.

I'll explain: when you either set up a virtual online shop or use someone else's ecommerce website, you will usually have the option to set a price of 0 for any given product. Rather than paying you, anyone who wants the file can download it with a single click. I don't know if Hivelist will allow you to set a price of 0 when it's fully operational, but it may be worth looking into.

If you're setting up a collaborative project, on the other hand, it may be prudent to set up a website for that project specifically, this way everyone involved can upload and download information as needed. Ecommerce capabilities aren't free (hence the reason to use someone else's site), but file sharing capabilities usually are. If you're willing to convert your drawings to .pdf files, you can upload them to a WordPress site on a free plan, since you won't be able to upload .dxf files without upgrading and using the roundabout method I described above. I don't know if other website builders are more flexible in that regard.

PDF files would undermine the purpose of editable, reusable CAD files, though. I was considering MEGA because I think I can just share a link to the file archive in any related post. It wouldn't be collaborative, but it would work for free sharing.

On the other hand, it might be neat to start drawing up some basic plans and selling the blueprints. I could even put some simple plans online for cabins, tiny homes, and the like.

You can edit .pdf files, you know. In fact, it is common industry practise is to add notes to a .pdf drawing and use the added notes to make revisions.

True, but I want to draw a library of detail drawings people can download and fully modify to suit their own needs.

4shaare is one platform but you have to create a account to use. I have used the same in past.