Are You Being Tracked?

in #technology4 months ago

Apple is a wonderful company, but a device that can help you find important things can also turn into a spy device that tracks you by an unwanted stalker.

In the article, Apple AirTags - "A perfect tool for stalking" , there is a tale of a woman in America being tracked by an AirTag.

Based on the article, Apple does cause the AirTag to beep if away for a long time and if you have an Apple device that is close to it long enough and it isn't registered to the tag, you'll be notified.

This is some scary stuff. I've never had a stalker, that I know of, but this seems like it would be too easy for someone to use to keep tabs on a potential victim. I think the safeguards are great, but here's the potential problem I see...

What if you have someone at work who is interested in you and they don't know where you live? They know they'll see you the next day, so leaving a tag on your car is a simple way to follow you home without being "creepy" and you'll get the device back the next day so that your victim never learns of the trace...based on what I read. I could see this resulting in some really bad things happening.

On the other hand, I also know that my better half often loses stuff-phone, wallet, head, etc. I need a dozen of these tags! I don't want to stop technological advances because they could be used for wrong...afterall, bitcoin was definitely used and still is used for illegal actions, but the overarching purpose behind the advances is to make our lives better or more convenient.

Be careful and be vigilant! Enjoy the technological advances, but keep an eye and ear out for misuse that could cause you harm...

What safeguards do you take to be safe from potential issues like this AirTag stalking? Are there technological advances that shouldn't be allowed just because they can cause convenience in someone else's life? Write a post and tag me or comment below!