SteemScan - The Fastest Exchange with Fixed Fees [ Detailed Review & Live Exchange with proof]

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Exchanging in Terms of my experience and Knowledge

Exchanging cryptocurrency is now a basic need of every crypto world member, as a member of this world we should know the websites that can help us in exchanging in order to save ourself from either loss or wastage of time. The most important part is the fees which can make any exchanger peaceful or angry.

Exchanging is not only beneficial for the people who are earning crypto currencies but for them who are pure exchanger who earn from exchanging they require latest exchanging websites that can help them earn a good amount of money .

SteemScan A competitor for different exchanging websites


the front page consists of about 6 different tabs, each tab with different function.

the chart could be very much benefitial for every crypto holder a person can predict by watching yearly as well as daily crypto graph and according to it he/she can make further better decisions to maximize the profit.

with different functioning the steemscan could beat any other exchange whether its about look, fees, design,or time consumption while exchanging .

you would be feeling that why am i using the term time its because time is money and its proven the more you save time the more you could earn money.

Brief review

Coming to the first tab of witness

you can see the list of people and the current witness of steem here you can easily vote for your favourite witness other things are also mentioned here, like price feed, reg fees, last mined,status, version, rank

the detailed statistics is the biggest attention seeker in this website, total witnesses are also mentioned there.

there might be question arising in your mind of what is witness

Using a Steem-power weighted system we can vote our STEEM blockchain Witnesses, so they are generally some of the most trusted members of the community who are tech-savy and have the determination to keep the Blockchain secure. To essentially become a Steemit Witness an individual needs to be approved and voted by the Community , thus that person needs to have a good-track record and must be liked or respected by others in order to be upvoted as a witness in the first place.
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Second Tab of DApps
Decentralized application


A decentralized application (DApp, dApp, Dapp, or dapp) is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. DApps have been popularized by distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as the Ethereum Blockchain, where DApps are often referred to as smart contracts.

with all the list of dapps a person can view and enjoy different platforms where he/she can earn cryptocurrency while visualizing, experiencing, different platforms. here you can also find steemscan by @futureshock in coming soon.


Quick Convert The most Important Part of SteemScan

that was also there on blocktrades but it was in listed type which means you have to select from the list that takes time more than when you are given options right there instantly .
I am talking about this


Do you know the best thing about it ?

Fixed Fees

the fixed fees feature is the best and important part of this exchanging platform so whether it is 10 Steem or 1000 Steem the fees is fixed

now fixed is much more better than variable fees that means with large money to be exchanged you would feel that why not we should exchange through steemscan? because in the variable fees you would pay about 10-20% fees which is quite frustrating but as you can see here it would seem nothing more than 0.01%

in Steem to BTC the fees is as low as 0.00072610 BTC for even 100000 steem unbelievable isn't it ?


Exchanging From Steem to TRX [Simple Step]


  • Enter Steem Amount
  • choose currency
  • enter deposit address of that currency
  • click create order

after this page you will get into this page

Deposit according to informations given to you Dont use these lol

here is the proof of exchange i received instantly

Instant Exchange Proof

check out the time of transfer and order processed


On the top Statistics of Steem

on the top of steem scan i really loved the statistics thing where height, steem rate and current supply is present its showing most valuable things instantly according to which most of the exchangers, exchange their money .


Day - Night Switching

most of the people dont think beauty of website as necessary part but instead they mostly focus on its functions , though functioning of system us very much important and also more important than view or outer beauty but still it can't be neglected thats what they have taken care of and people like me enjoy the template and beauty of the website .

  • Yes the switch feature is also there on steem scan and i am in love with this dark one
    here is the light or we can say random one

Change Currency ( Showing value in alternative currencies

Most of the people like to watch the rate in USD including me because at the end we are gonna sale it in usd for our personal use ( expense ) but many of the people wanted to have rate in Btc and others so this would be another important thing to take care of Interest of All people .

Congratulations to Project Hope

as a part of this beautiful Community i would congratulate @crypto.piotr as his hardwork paid off i have seen his last post when he started to think off initiative and now he has done what he said , he's trying the best to give value to steem .


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