Edward Snowden currently under fire set by the United States authorities

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Apparently, Edward Snowden is presently the victim of a lawsuit filed by the United States for violating the terms of the NDA he signed with his former employers.

Edward Snowden recently published a book titled Permanent Record of which the publication is in direct violation of the agreement he signed with his former employers which makes him obligated to submit the book to them for review before publishing and they entitled to remove or polish any part of the book contents that they find unsuitable.

Actually, it is no surprise that Mr Edward Snowden would actually choose not to honour the agreement he signed as he has been a fugitive from the law for a number of years now due to crimes committed by him during his time as an employee of the United States government.

The Trump administration ultimately wants to seize the proceeds from the sale of Snowden's book through this lawsuit and does not seem to be resting on their oars anytime soon.

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