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RE: Netflix Reveals Reason for Ending Support for Older Platforms

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no kidding? Maybe next they will reveal their reason for cutting off VCR, Windows 98 and Betamax support. For me it was obvious. They stop support for things that didn't benefit them because not many people were actually using this particular thing and/or it was never licenced to begin with.

not trying to be mean. :)


I don't know, I don't really consider a 7 year old tv to be that old. I'm still using a Toshiba that's well over 10 years old. Not a "smart" tv of course. Amazon just stopped supporting my Sony blu-ray player but theres no other reason for me to replace it (I don't plan on upgrading to 4k until that TV dies). Amazon at least offered a discount on a fire stick though and given it was dirt cheap it was a non issue to get one.

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i was drunk when i wrote that... thought i was being funny and silly but might have been a bit insensitive. my apologies :)