The Impact of Technology in Business.

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There is a store where I buy my household products in my neighborhood and during the course of one of my recent visits, I realized that the store owner and her sales representative were looking for an item in a book that appeared to be missing. Every effort to get the item out proved futile and I could not help but ponder on the need to use technology for business operations. It definitely would have been a different story if the items were computerized instead of having it in an ancient book that may never be found.



There are several opportunities that technology can bring to the ways of business owners, these technologies would however never get unveiled until there is a step towards making use of the technology.

Some new business owners shy away from the application of technology to their business since they claim not to have a high skill regarding its application. However, technological skills do not have to be highly sophisticated materials because there are simple technological materials that can aid business operations even for small business owners.


Let us go through some of the benefits business owners can generate from using technological tools.


  • Ensures security: When a proper method of accounting is used to make records in a business, there is an efficient form of security for the business owner, the business records are updated automatically and there is an efficient and clear record of what is coming in and going out of the business.

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The store owner I visited would have found it easy if she had her documents input on a computer but the absence of that, made it highly difficult for her to identify missed items.

  • Better experience for workers: The use of technology in a business increases the experience of employees, as they will become vaster in knowledge as well as skill.

  • Saves time and energy: Technology for workers makes accounting faster than using pen and pepper, this makes it easy for the employees to spend less time on record-keeping and accounting processes whenever there is a call or need for it.

An employee who has been able to save time from one activity will feel more energetic to run other activities, this act will certainly create an overall success for the business.

• Improved communication: Technological instruments in business helps employees have a better mode of communication amongst themselves and they even interact better with customers.

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