Loss-Free Excitonic Quantum Battery and How it Affects Humans

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A lot of us must have experienced a situation where our gadgets go off when we need them the most and in most cases, we aren’t able to charge them because we are outside or in a place where our chargers aren’t with us. Soon, we might not need to worry about this situations any more as a team of scientist from the university of Alberta and Toronto are working on a Quantum battery that never losses charge

For clarification purposes, this battery isn’t existing yet. It is still a work in process and a breakthrough in it means a solution to the energy problems in so many part of the world

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Most gadgets use the Lithium-ion battery which has a considerable lifespan but always discharges very fast and losses its energy storage longevity as it ages. The research is going to relieve humans from depending solely on electricity rather depend on a more sustainable energy.

The principal investigator Gabriel Hanna for the research has made it clear that the battery is focused on excitonic energy (the energy released when an electron absorbs photons of light)

”A Quantum battery is a tiny, nano-size battery meant to be used for applications on the nano scale” - Hanna

”The battery we are more familiar with- like the lithium-ion battery rely on electrochemical principles, whereas quantum batteries rely solely on quantum mechanics” – Hanna

Having this type of battery will be a relief for humans since there will be no use for continuous charging off laptops, smartphones and other gadgets.

No Loss of Energy

You might wonder how having a battery that will not lose energy be possible considering the current technological position of the world. The scientists are going to be using a quantum network model in a dark state. The network will be model with high structural symmetry so as to store excitonic energy while in dark state, so it would not exchange energy with its environment.

Positive Impact

Having a battery with an almost infinite life is a big deal for humans, maybe you do not know but a few things will be affected like;

  • The cost of electricity will be slim
  • There will be no need for expensive energy saving bulbs and as time goes on this bulbs might have to use excitonic quantum batteries rather than direct electricity
  • There will little or no need for oil enterprises as electric car batteries would be using excitonic quantum batteries.
  • Environmental pollution will drastically reduce since there is little or no need for gas flaring.

Let me know your thoughts on the Excitonic quantum battery and in how many years do you think this research will be completed and available for use?

You can read more about Excitonic quantum battery here

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Incredible technology. We are headed into the future.

The future is here. Technology is growing really fast and scientist are trying to solve more problems.

Thanks for reading post.

It sounds very attractive, but I remember that in our current world "programmed obsoleteness" is a reality, the products are created to fail at a prescribed time and force the user to buy a new one.

So releasing a battery in the market that does not lose its useful life so quickly is something that does not fit, it would have to be sold at a price that would make it a luxury object and only used by the elite or simply leave it as a prototype and say that It does not work, in order to discourage innovators who may threaten the profits and dominance of existing companies in the market.

You just nailed a point. The fact that the battery might be bought just once or twice in a person's lifetime might make it a luxurious item.

you nailed it

Zero point energy, such as energy from the vacuum will change everything.

Could you define what do you mean by 'everything' @phusionphil?

No resources used, changes the way everything in human society is conceived. No value will be inherent in the energy sector. Cost of living goes down etc... everything.

Hi again @phusionphil

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Dear @gbenga

Interesting choice of topic buddy. I found it a bit scary to read about 'Quantum battery that never losses charge'. Simply because I'm selling online laptop and phone accessories (www.promib.pl) and we're focusing on batteries and chargers. Quantum battery could be a huge blow to this industry.

Solid read. upvote on the way
Yours, Piotr

Like it is said about AI and the workforce that AI will make a lot of people jobless and it is believed that this jobless people will find their way around AI enabled jobs, so will people in your industry find themselves selling this batteries. I also hope it is a luxury good it makes a lot of people rich out rightly.

your thoughts on the Excitonic quantum battery

I have no ones, I'm not an engineer, but humanity desperately needs more effective batteries. To store renewable energy, solar, wind, for example. To eliminate carbon emissions.

Actually, environmental pollution due to energy production and gas is really on the high and it will be good if this things can be stopped and a better way to get energy and store them exists

Renewable energy is relatively cheap already. For example prices of solar panels fell a lot in recent years. The real problem is the storage of the energy for the night or cloudy days.

What an brilliant technology. With batteries like this, Crude oil will start becoming obsolete because batteries will be used for cars

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