Linux caught me off guard when I was trying to get away from Windows

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Microsoft spams headaches, Ubuntu doesn't

After having trouble with W10's Microsoft store, I formatted my system, starting with a fresh genuine copy of W10. But now there is no store installed at all and the system blocks me from installing it. New unrelated problems come up: Microsoft downloads in general have been disabled.

As my last resort, I decide dual booting Windows 10 and Windows 7. However, when I try booting a pre-activated W7 USB stick, it is completely blocked by Windows 10's boot system. Apparently they've figured out a way to complicate things if you're truly unhappy with W10 like me.

I had to install Linux. Ubuntu's setup was flawless as usual. It was meant to be just one small step to getting Windows 7 back, but things are actually looking pretty good now. There are a lot of new tools like which helped me get League of Legends up and running within a few minutes.

But that's not all. Steam has made a lot of progress with their Windows interpreter, Proton, also known as Steam Play. Every game I've tried so far has worked near flawlessly. The game creator engine I'm used to has actually not had any problems running in Ubuntu, which was incredibly surprising.

Feels like I won't need Windows again for a while... As a whole! I'm pretty satisfied for now.


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Awesome! I wish all the software I am using is available for Linux. I would be glad to use it permanently. For now I have to dual boot / use different PC's.

Lately windows tried to push it's browser edge again by forcing you to take a tour trough it's features. You couldn't stop it until you kill the process in task manager. That was so annoying ._.

And it copied browser data from Firefox too, without asking.

It was a good decision you made 😁

Have fun and regards!

I feel exactly the same way. I might have to dual boot or leave linux again in the near future, but right now it satisfies me completely except for the absence of Parsec.

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How difficult was transition to Linux for You?

Hope I will make this transition too, I was using Win all my life, know that Linux is better in most regards, especially once you wanna do more with your PC than just what "basic users" do, but I am still lazy and afraid.

Since the answer ended up long enough, I'm gonna use it as a new post.