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It started when I was doing literature review on how to capture students' attention during online learning and one of the method I found was eye tracking. There are many research but implementation was very new. Eye tracking today is not only used in medical institutions and laboratories, but also in education, e-commerse, and gaming.


Few years ago, eye tracking devices are only available for laboratories and the price over $3000 was not affordable for many people. Today the price averages $200 where average people can afford. The profession eye tracking devices are still above $1000 not only because the devices are better but they provide software for analytics. They do not provide analytic software for regular eye tracking which limits the research researchers can make.


The eye tracker comes with a double tape to stick it on the monitor. Although, just placing it like the image above still works for me. I recommend to not stick it until the device works as intended.


After downloading the software from [software](software and installing it, proceed with the calibration to accurately synchronize the device, the desktop, and our eyes.


Activate the eye tracking and bubbles indicating where our eyes are gazing should appear on the desktop. Other functions for disable users are available on the settings. For example, blinking for clicking, and long gaze for pressing. We can write C programs ourselves to add more functions.


The software comes with a sample game that utilizes eye tracking.


There are some neat tricks one can do by leveraging eye tracking, and head tracking as an extension. Check this out for instance:

Wow, very cool, even the recording looks good. It's a great idea for dynamic 3D.

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