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RE: Stars and Genomes: Why I Want Us to Remain Unmapped

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I feel what you are saying about the whole world being mapped, but consider this - We have not even experienced anything beyond the surface of the Earth. No human has even been anywhere even close to the mantle. Everything we think we know about how our planet works could be wrong, in fact this is actually probable. A ton of predictions about other planetary bodies in our solar system were proven wrong as soon as we landed probes to collect samples and data. Humans are just now discovering ancient hidden cities in thick jungles around the globe with new tech - changing the pages of history books. While I am not a fan of the categorization of personal and environmental data to the degree referenced here, some of that will be necessary to better understand our planet, and ourselves.

On that note - the DNA profile collections subject is a touchy one for me. I had my DNA taken and cataloged in a national database without my consent after being illegally held by authorities on charges that were supposed to have already been dismissed. There is a lot more brutal details to that story - point is, they kept my DNA on file even though the court determined (when they drug me there eventually) a warrant should have never been issued for me in the first place, and dismissed everything.

With that in mind, I was also an adopted child (and an only child in my family), and I still to this day have not met my birth parents or potential blood siblings (or even know who they are). There is a site you may have heard of:
This site offers DNA testing and linage comparisons for people in my situation. The other methods I have tried previously are either extremely complicated and require in person visits to places I live far from, or are too expensive. This is an extremely affordable option, and even though I do not like the idea of my DNA profile being in the hands of the government AND some private company - I am strongly considering it... I need to know how I got here and I want my birth parents to know I am alive, healthy, and pursuing my dreams.