Almost Anything Is Possible

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Want to know what's coming in the future? Whatever those in control of technology decide.

Within many of our lifetimes we will have access to technology that would seem like magic or science fiction today. Whoever wields that technology decides the fate of everyone and everything in this reality.

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Our vision gets cloudier the further out we gaze, and as far as we know, the future is not set in stone. This is how I feel about what's coming right now, after many years of research, analysis, and contemplation. It isn't meant to be a prediction, but a discussion of the patterns and possibilities.

I predict I'll have more to say on this topic in the future.



We like the more spiritual-techo rants you've been on lately. It goes really really nicely with the organic, candid market footage in Canada.

I laughed my ass off at the part where you talk about a huge curve and then a big curved potato chip comes into view lol!

Me too, but then it got real with the part about EVERYBODY coming back from the dead. Like wtf?

If that happens, it fixes every problem all at once. but does it cause more?


likely lot's of biblical things will happen.

A lot of the most powerful and connected people belong to a specific sect of a particular religion.

The technology has gone far beyond then a lay person can imagine, be it time travel, blank slate, walk through walls, remote viewing all of these are being used not in favour of humanity but to enslave humanity. The technology that is made common are the only ones which will spread harmful radiations and crippling the minds of masses. Most of them will buy in also and it's already happening. There will be no coming back for sure but if we raise our consciousness we can create our own reality and be in a place which os outside of the fear matrix that we are trapped into. The more we buy into fear, the lower we go on our vibrations and feed into the agendas of the elites. And they are also puppets being completely governed by higher forces.
The coming years will see more and more of these disasters in some or the other form and they are inevitable, the only way to live up humanly is by raising our own consciousness and that requires a lot of inner work else soon we will see robots all around

All the religious predictions if studied deeply are made with an intent of keeping us in the matrix.